Jake Hager, Brodie Lee Win Squash Matches | AEW Dynamite Results | All Elite Wrestling

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AEW Dynamite continues. We see a video package on Jake Hager, showing both his AEW attacks and bouts, plus some Bellator highlights, designed to make him look as dangerous as possible. Pretty good! This of course leads to Hager coming out for his squash match.

Jake Hager vs. Chico Adams

Hager drives right through Chico, Vader Bomb nailed. Grinds a knee into the back of his neck. Pulls him from the mat and wants a powerslam, Chico escapes, forearm. Clothesline in the corner! Hager ducks a shot, Uranage nailed right into the Arm Triangle. Chico Adams quickly passes out and that’s all.

Winner: Jake Hager

As Hager celebrates, out comes Jon Moxley most casually. Hager turns around, a brawl kicks up quick! Paradigm Shift! Mox takes a breath, but Hager surprises him by tripping him to the mat, trying for the Ankle Lock! Mox escapes and kicks him from the ring, Hager has a huge smile on his face as he backs off. Commentary making a big deal about how he just popped right up from the Paradigm Shift.

We then see Jon Moxley backstage call Hager out for running away from a fight. Says when the title is on the line, he’s gonna put Hager in the hospital or die trying.

We see a vignette of Brodie Lee speaking to John Silver and Alex Reynolds at a dinner table, talking to them about strength in numbers. Says that they’re the lions in AEW, they do what they want. Silver starts to eat but Brodie yells at him, “Do I look like I’m done”? Makes Silver leave. Brodie makes it clear no one eats until he’s finished. Reynolds sneezes and this sets him off as well, Brodie gets furious, like he’s Vince McMahon.

Then, out comes QT Marshall to face off with Lee in his debut match. Brodie has a follower with him, quite unnecessarily.

Brodie Lee vs. QT Marshall

Brodie with an immediate big boot before the bell! Takes QT right out of the ring. Brodie slams him into the apron, then tosses him into the barricade! Chop across the chest. Tosses QT into the ring, hilo! Charging back elbow, whip to the opposite corner, another elbow, pulls him out, Front Facelock Suplex! Pulls him back up, hooks the arm for a Brainbuster! Hits the ropes, forearm to the back! Pulls QT up, staring at the camera. QT punches him away, big dropkick to the face! Brodie takes him to the apron, QT with the enziguri, up top, Brodie charges, QT rolls over him, charges in but Brodie takes him down with the Trailer Hitch! Pulls him up by the ears, hooks Abigail style, into the Discus Lariat! That’s that!

Winner: Brodie Lee

After getting the pin, he gazes stoically into the camera. Afterwards, the follower into the ring, lays a mask on his chest.

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