Live Cinderella Tournament: Syuri And Jamie Hayter Bring Differing Styles

Another Good First Round Match

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Cinderella Tournament Bracket via World Wonder Ring Stardom

The fourth match of the first round of World Wonder Ring Stardom’s (Stardom) Cinderella Tournament saw a clash of styles as Jamie Hayter (Odeo Tai) employed a straight-ahead brawling style while Syuri (Donna del Mondo) brought her submission skills to the table.

At times it looked as if Hayter was going to put Syuri away, but her opponent was always able to catch her in a hold of some sort to regain the advantage. Hayter is one of the strongest athletes on the Stardom roster, and that was on display in this match.

Syuri was able to submit Hayter in 4 minutes and 43 seconds. Doing so allowed her to move on to face Konami in the quarter-final round of the Cinderella Tournament. Again, despite the short match length, this was a solid showing from both athletes.

The psychology was different than any of the matches preceding, allowing it to fit perfectly into the flow of the event — providing a slightly different feel for the live and viewing audience. The victory for Syuri over one-half of the Goddesses Of Stardom champions shows the trajectory for the Donna del Mondo unit.

Hayter is also the SWA Undisputed World Women’s Champion; therefore, Syuri could be a future challenger for the unique country vs country title.

The first round of the Cinderella Tournament can be seen below.

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