Live Cinderella Tournament: Utami Hayashita And Maika Do Battle

Probably The Best First Round Match

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Cinderella Tournament Bracket via World Wonder Ring Stardom

The seventh first-round match of World Wonder Ring Stardom’s (Stardom) 2020 Cinderella Tournament may have been the best of the first round. Maika (Donna del Monda) and Utami Hayashishita (Queen’s Quest) incorporated several different styles.

The two transferred between forearm exchanges, catch wrestling counters, and even exchanged judo throws during the contest. The winner was set to move on to face the winner of World Of Stardom Champion Mayu Iwantani and Hana Kimura in the next round, however, the two women fought to a time limit draw.

Maiki and Hayashishita have great chemistry together, hopefully, their intense exchange and fighting after the bell leads to another singles match in the future. 10 minutes was a good taste of what they can do against one another, a 13-15 minute match could provide a sleeper of a great match. 

Even more impressive is both are just beginning their in-ring careers and could grow exponentially over the next few years. Hayashishita already has numerous title reigns to her credit, positioning her as a future draw as Stardom continues their domestic growth underneath the Bushiroad banner. The ceiling is fairly high for both if they stay associated with Stardom in the future.

The draw means either Iwatani or Kimura would have a bye in the next round if either were able to advance.


The first round of the Cinderella Tournament can be seen below.

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