Rey Mysterio def. Angel Garza | WWE Monday Night Raw Results


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Rey Mysterio def. Angel Garza | WWE Monday Night Raw Results

WWE Monday Night Raw continues after that opening segment, now we have our first match with Rey Mysterio taking on Angel Garza. This match is likely to have US title implications.

Rey Mysterio vs. Angel Garza

Mysterio swiftly gets Garza with a headscissor into the post! Big rana! Tries for another but Garza counters, holds onto him, tosses him forward but he lands on his feet only to get a charging big boot! Angel with a waistlock, Rey reverses a whip, tries a handstand on the ropes but Garza gets him with a swift superkick to the face! Basement dropkick sends Mysterio to the floor! Angel rips off the pants and poses as we go to commercial break. Match continues in the inset. Rey rolls back in the ring, Angel gets him into the corner and stomps him down to the mat. Angel keeps Rey down with a headlock, Rey fights out but gets a pop-up kick to the chest as we come back!

Gets Rey into the middle ropes, wants to try the 619 but Rey stops him with a dropkick! Loud chant of “Rey” as they fight their way to their feet! Rey sends Garza to the floor, baseball slide nailed! Lawndart Splash to the floor! Throws him into the ring, basement dropkick, seated senton for a nearfall! Springboards, Garza catches him out of the air, turns it into a brutal Slingshot Inverted Suplex for a nearfall! Rey fights back, kicks Garza into the ropes, tries the 619 but Garza evades it, wicked superkick! Angel takes him up top, Rey tries to fight back, they exchange headbutts. Rey knocks him to the mat, tries a Canadian Destroyer but Garza blocks it, only to get headscissored to the ropes! 619 nailed, drop of the dime and that is that!

Winner: Rey Mysterio

Absolutely lovely stuff. Could’ve watched it go on for another ten minutes frankly. The definitive vibe of this finish kinda makes me lean more towards a Rey/Andrade singles match for the US title at WrestleMania, rather than the fatal four way match that they could also go with. Of course there’s still plenty weeks to go before Mania and I’m sure they won’t announce this match anytime soon, so we’ll see what the plan is with time.

Backstage, Kevin Owens was confronted by Rollins and company on his way in. Rollins was munching on popcorn, like Kev was the night before and offered him some. Kevin said he was good, then tossed his suitcase at AOP before charging to attack only to swiftly get overtaken by the numbers and decimated.

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