WWE NXT Results: Tyler Breeze vs. Austin Theory


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WWE NXT Results: Tyler Breeze vs. Austin Theory

The brash but talented Austin Theory has not made many friends since joining the NXT roster. Two weeks ago, Theory interrupted Prince Pretty himself, Tyler Breeze during an interview where he was talking about what the WWE Performance Center means to him. Theory mocked Breeze, saying that he would eclipse all of Breeze’s success. Prince Pretty responded by snapping a picture of Theory, saying he looked good for a flash in the pan. This will now escalate into a clash in the ring as we shall see the past of NXT face the future of the brand, as the first match to happen in an empty Full Sail University.

Tyler Breeze Was Too Much

The match started slow with a lot of mind-games and jaw jacking between both men involved. Things would escalate when Breeze would hit a huge dropkick to start a flurry of offense. Theory would rally back with a blockbuster neckbreaker and a snap suplex before locking in a submission to wear him down. Trash talking from Theory would intensify as he had him locked in a chin lock, claiming that 10 years has just lead to Breeze being beneath him. Breeze would counter out with a jawbreaker, only to be dropped with a huge dropkick before we would cut to commercial.

When the show came back, Breeze was back in control with a series of running elbows into the corner. Theory would dodge once leading to Breeze landing on the second rope, which would end with him in a torture rack position which Theory would beautifully transition into a Blue Thunder Bomb for a near fall. The match would move to the outside where Theory would throw Breeze through the barricade, and let him slowly crawl back into the ring before continuing.

Once Breeze was back in the ring, Theory would attempt a powerbomb which Breeze would counter into a hurricarana. A huge knee to the chin would drop Theory, but as Breeze attempt another Hurricarana, Theory would counter into a Buckle Bomb, Theory would attempt to roll through the ropes for something but would be hit with a superkick from Breeze. Breeze would take to the top rope, but would be grabbed off into a neckbreaker for a near fall. Theory would then grab his phone and start recording a video for Tyler Breeze, but would be distracted and caught with the Beauty Shot for the pinfall.

A Great Showing For Austin Theory

Despite his cocky nature costing him the match, this was another great showing for Austin Theory who is sure to be a future NXT Champion. He took Breeze to the limit with his own self being blamed for his lost. Once he can mature into a star, he will be unstoppable. Were you impressed by Austin Theory in this match? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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