Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Daniel Bryan Ends In DQ, Artist Collective Lays Bryan Out | WWE SmackDown Results

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WWE Friday Night SmackDown continues. Mandy Rose is in a huff, Sonya Deville is following her backstage trying to explain herself but Mandy doesn’t want to hear it. We see a quick recap of Drew Gulak beating Shinsuke Nakamura last week with Bryan’s help, and this match helped Bryan get the IC title match against Sami Zayn. Now Bryan faces off with Shinsuke. As usual Sami is on commentary.

Daniel Bryan vs. Shinsuke Nakamura

Chain wrestling to start, Bryan gets Nak into a leglock, Shinsuke wriggles out but Daniel gets him down with an arm wringer, singles out his arm and stomps on his exposed elbow! Nakamura wants a test of strength but it’s a trick as he gets him with a leg kick, arm wringer. Bryan escapes behind him and takes hold of the arm, trips him to the mat, singles out the arm once more for a knee drive to the elbow. Shinsuke fights up, elbows his way out of the hammerlock, hits the ropes but Bryan nails him with a standing dropkick! Nakamura rolls from the ring, Bryan with a Baseball Slide! Runs the apron for the Flying Knee to the floor!

Takes Shinsuke back into the ring and goes up top. Missile dropkick! Kips up as he tells Sami “this one’s for you”! Charging dropkick into the corner, takes Shinsuke up top, rana attempted but Shinsuke holds on and he falls to the mat, flying knee to the head for a nearfall! Nakamura whips Bryan to the opposite corner, spins him around, Baseball Slide German Suplex! Commercial break. We come back to see Shinsuke working him over, Daniel flips over him in the corner, hits the ropes, flying clothesline!

Bryan with the Yes Kicks now, Shinsuke ducks the last one, roll-up into driving knee drops into the side of the head! And now the Yes Kicks from Shinsuke! Daniel also blocks the final one, trips him down, running kick to the arm! He’s been working that arm this whole time. Roundhouse kick to the head, nearfall! Bryan with a couple of armbreakers, armbar, Nakamura knees him in the gut, tosses him into the corner, Bryan lands off his feet off a back suplex attempt, wants a charging dropkick but Nakamura stops him with a high knee! Reverse Suplex! Wants the Kinsasha, Bryan reverses it into a Single Leg Boston Crab! Pulls him away from the ropes, but Nakamura grabs the bottom rope to break the hold.

Bryan with some roundhouse kicks, Shinsuke tries to strike back, they trade kicks and strikes, Bryan blocks one for a Yes Lock attempt but Nakamura goes to his back to avoid it, Bryan tries an armbar, Nakamura reverses into one of his own, they fight to their feet, leaping rolling Cross-Armbreaker from Nakamura but Bryan reverses!! Going for an Omoplata, Shinsuke looks to stack him up but Bryan transitions into the Yes Lock! Cesaro charges into the ring to break it up for the DQ.

Winner: Daniel Bryan (By DQ)

Drew Gulak charges and tackles Cesaro out of the ring! Hooks him with a Dragon Sleeper but Cesaro doesn’t go down, tosses Gulak into the empty crowd area! Bryan with a suicide dive but Cesaro catches him out of the air and slams him hard onto the announce table! Gulak tries to fight back but Cesaro, Nakamura and Sami triple team him and toss him into the steps! Nakamura pulls Bryan up, they drag him into the ring. Cesaro hits the Neutralizer, Shinsuke with the Kinsasha! Sami yells at Bryan, demands they pick Bryan up. They take him to the corner. Zayn blasts him with the Helluva Kick and cackles! Says that felt so good, calls it justice.

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