WWE Speculation – Goldberg Gained Creative Control and Created Heat Backstage

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WWE Speculation – Goldberg Gained Creative Control and Created Heat Backstage

If there’s one thing the WWE and Vince McMahon aren’t known to do it’s grant a wrestler creative control. It’s just not something that’s done very often in the micro-managed world of the WWE. The risk a wrestler’s creative tendencies would go against what McMahon thinks is best for the promotion would be a real and valid concern, if it is one. But there have been reports and rumors about Goldberg gaining creative control over his character, and that’s created heat backstage.

A superhero

It’s been reported that Bray Wyatt was supposed to win and go on to defend at WrestleMania but the outcome was changed at the last minute because that Bill Goldberg is protective of his character and views himself a superhero to children.

According to Whatculture Wrestling and others, Goldberg campaigned vigorously backstage to beat the Fiend for the Universal Championship, claiming it’d damage his character if he lost and kids would love to see him win.

Well, we all know how that worked out for him, don’t we?

Add to this the reports that his WWE contract ended with his WrestleMania 36 loss to Braun Strowman, and it appears his return is in the books and we can start wondering when he’ll return.

For many, this eliminates the theory that Goldberg won to take heat off Roman Reigns winning it at WrestleMania.

Not so fast.

Lack of creative control

If Goldberg had creative control and losing would damage his character, what would that embarrassment of a match against Strowman do to it?

He beat the Fiend in a squash match, then lost in a squash match. He wrecked the Fiend character, allegedly with Wyatt’s okay, but Wyatt was able to recoup the character at WrestleMania. Goldberg will still be Goldberg — he’s survived twenty-plus years with his legacy intact that it’s doubtful losing to the Fiend would’ve hurt him.

To be honest, this feels more like a tow-the-company line type of claim rather than Goldberg being worried about his character. More likely, and this is purely speculation, he and McMahon met in the middle and worked out the angle.

It protected Reigns, since there was no way of knowing he’d back out of ‘Mania over health concerns, and give Goldberg the win he wanted.

It’d also fit into McMahon’s way of doing things lately as there was no storyline, bad buildup, and fit snugly into his PG mentality he’s wanted to portray since the 1980s. Aside of the Attitude Era, which he accepted because he had little choice, a vast majority of WWE programming is designed for kids with family friendly segments.

Goldberg gave him the opportunity to show children nightmares can be defeated and only good guys should dominate good guys.

Of course, that’s open for discussion and debate.

Speaking of discussion, what are your thoughts? Let us know below.

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