Is Drew Gulak Gone From WWE?

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Just one night after another technical wrestling classic with Daniel Bryan as part of the tournament to crown a new WWE Intercontential Champion, Drew Gulak would be moved to the alumni section of This has happened to people in the past in error, notably Rey Mysterio, but reports indicate that the contract of Drew Gulak had expired and no new deal was reached by it’s end date.

This leaves Gulak at a crossroads, with him either resigning with WWE and maintaining his role in the Upper-Midcard of Smackdown, or taking a chance on himself and leaving WWE.

Drew Gulak Was A Top Name On The Indies

Prior to being picked up for the Cruiserweight Classic in 2016, Drew Gulak was a name who you could see everywhere in wrestling. Having major roles in companies like Evolve with this Catch Point stable and Combat Zone Wrestling where he is a former CZW Champion, Gulak was not an unknown talent before WWE. He still has friends all over wrestling, like Chuck Taylor in AEW and former Catch Point member Tracy Williams in Ring Of Honor.

His time in WWE has only made him a bigger potential star, and the last few months working with names like Daniel Bryan, Cesaro, Shinsuke Nakamura and more has not harmed his brand in wrestling.

High Potential To Resign With WWE

Over the past few months, Gulak has risen in the ranks of WWE, almost being placed as a potential replacment for Daniel Bryan when he leaves later this year to go on paternity leave. He has become a fan favorite, and very well could walk away from contract negotiations with a better deal. Right now is a terrible time to be unemployed, and not many companies are hired. Much like Rey Mysterio who is in a similar situation on Monday Night RAW, it wouldn’t be far fetched to see Gulak sign a new deal and stay within WWE.  If he is gone, another classic with a rival in Daniel Bryan is a great way to end your WWE career.

Could you see Drew Gulak leaving WWE, or will he resign with the company? Which other places would you like to see Gulak perform should he leave? Let us know in the comment section down below.

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