Major League Wrestling: MLW Anthology #2

"The Southern Psycho" Mance Warner Is Tonight's Star

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Today’s episode of MLW Anthology covered Mance Warner, a charismatic young brawler who has been tearing it up in the ring and on the mic. From his Major League Wrestling debut in mid-2019, he was quick to endear himself to fans via violent, wild fights. Go on ahead, get your light beers read, it’s time for two blood brawls with Ol’ Mancer.

Before the show started, there was an In Memoriam for Shad Gaspard who died earlier this week at the age of 39. After the opening for MLW Anthology—probably their best opening I’ve seen—the Contra Unit takeover video is played. 

A Double Dose of Mance Warner 

The first match featured saw the “Eye Poke God” take on Sami Callihan. This match would be the first in establishing Ol’ Mancer as MLW’s career-ender. Before he ended MJF and Havoc’s careers in MLW, Salina de la Renta, the leader of Promociones Dorado, was having trouble with both of them separately. Once MLW allowed de la Renta to produce an episode of MLW Fusion, she pits Sami against Ol’ Mancer. 

The falls count anywhere match took place at MLW Fury Road ‘19 as the main event. As you’d expect, it was a chaotic brawl. It also featured some of Jim Cornette’s best commentary as he was losing it over Sami Callihan who has spat on him during the entrance.  

Major League Wrestling: MLW Anthology #2

This was a good match for the anthology but a better one was the match against Jimmy Havoc in a no-rope barbed wire deathmatch at MLW Zero Hour. This one made MLW Fusion #94. This would be the third and final showdown between these two in Major League Wrestling and was very bloody 

The crowd was really into this match. Looking at their reactions and it’s like “You guys are sadistic.” Of course, I enjoy deathmatch wrestling as well so this was right up my alley. Even the ringside crew were into it. The heavyset referee on the outside had some of the best reactions I’ve seen Mark Curtis during a cruiserweight match. 

Major League Wrestling: MLW Anthology #2

While Ol’ Mancer was quickly taken in by Major League Wrestling fans early on, this was the match that made him an MLW hero. Right now, he’s pretty much a main event face but not the top face. If he’s still with the company as 2020 closes out, he’ll be nuclear over in MLW next year with big match performances like this. 

MLW Brings Back Pulp Fiction Promos 

L.A Park wants Contra Unit for attacking his son while Myron Reed said that a new member of Injustice is coming. Jordan Oliver also hypes Injustice’s influence. King Mo and Dan Lambert say that Low Ki isn’t stable to compete. Alexander Hammerstone is FaceTiming Holliday who has a new porno-stache. They’ve both resigned with Major League Wrestling. 

Dominic Garrini calls Tom Lawlor to wish him a happy birthday. Lawlor is pissed because he shares a birthday with Kevin Von Erich. Remember, Team Filthy is feuding with the Von Erichs. 

Next Week: Low Ki 

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