OVW (Ohio Valley Wrestling) Could Leave Kentucky

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So, it appears that OVW (Ohio Valley Wrestling) could be moving to another area amidst the coronavirus pandemic keeping some areas locked down. It’s not surprising given the current situation, and it’ll be curious to see how things develop in the days and weeks ahead.

We’ve seen some promotions shift how they go about their business with the WWE and Impact Wrestling holding events without fans, while AEW has had wrestlers in the stands as fans. Others, like OVW, have shut down their operations until it’s deemed safe enough for them to continue.

But seeing a promotion being given the opportunity to move is something that’s been extremely rare.

Finding a new home

As reported by wdrb.com it appears OVW may be leaving Kentucky due to the lockdown.

During the pandemic lockdown, the promotion hasn’t been able to generate any income, and that’s hurt the performers and other workers just like elsewhere. It’s a reality many places have had to face over the last two months, and the truth is many may not recover because the populace might not be ready to run out to their favorite restaurants and other events.

For some, moving their business may not just be the best thing to do, but the only thing.

While Kentucky’s Stay at Home order is currently indefinite, other states are reopening and this is where OVW could take advantage of the opportunity.

Currently, the one city mentioned as a possible destination is Destin, Florida.

A historic lineage

OVW has a rich history as a developmental territory until Al Snow purchased the company from Danny Davis and is looking to turn it into a major professional wrestling promotion. They have an accredited wrestling school and signed a deal for a national television show prior to the lockdown.

Their library on youtube.com rivals or surpasses most out there, and they’ve continued broadcasting on television and youtube with recaps of rivalries, the celebration of their performers, and so on. They’ve shown the gumption to remain open, and it’s the type of creative toughness that helped mold greats like Brock Lesnar and John Cena.

As with anything happening currently, it’s important to take this as it is as nothing is definite, and Al Snow will take his time to properly explore their options before making a decision. As it stands, most would prefer OVW remain in Kentucky, but that probably hinges on how soon the state reopens.

As much as they may need to move to survive, it would suck for the local fans that have grown accustomed to going to shows on a weekly basis.

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