AEW Dynamite Results: Wardlow vs. Luchasaurus

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AEW Dynamite Results: Wardlow vs. Luchasaurus

AEW would kick off in a big way this week, with the lumberjack match between Wardlow & Luchasaurus starting the show. Two of the biggest men on the roster. This one is gonna be a heavy hitting one, and we have the AEW roster at ringside to ensure it stays as contained to the ring as possible, but would it be enough?

Wardlow Is Dominant

Both men would be excited to get into it, and rush in with shoulder tackles. Wardlow would throw some knees, Luchasaurus would hit a big back elbow before being dropped with a lariat. He’d be sent to the outside, and the lumberjacks wouldn’t throw him in. They’d get back in the ring before long, and the agility of Wardlow would come into the play, giving him the upperhand on Luchasaurus. Wardlow would throw Luchasaurus around like he was Marko Stunt, showing his sheer power and dominance. However, the tricky Luchasaurus would throw some heavy kicks only to be caught in a Capture Suplex.

A rear chinlock would punish Luchasaurus, but once he was back he’d launch off some hard chops. Being thrown into the corner, he’d explode out with a lariat. Some impressive kicks followed by a standing moonsault would get a near fall for Luchasaurus. Back on their feet, Luchasaurus would try to get Wardlow with a chokeslam but it’d be broken before launch.

Luchasaurus Is As Agile As A Big Man Comes

They’d fight into the corner, but Luchasaurus would look to chokeslam Wardlow into the lumberjacks. Instead, Wardlow would get into position and hit a huge superplex for a near fall. They’d trade heavy right hands, and Luchasaurus would kick Wardlow into the ropes. Though Wardlow would come back with a running hurricarana. Not to be outdone, Luchasaurus would hit a standing Spanish Fly. The agility of these men is horrifying.

Done showing his athletic prowess, Wardlow would just powerslam Luchasaurus on the stage. Referee Rick Knox would allow the brawl on the outside to go on. The lumberjacks failed their job, and Marko Stunt would be sent flying for trying to get Wardlow back to the ring. Luchasaurus would hit a roundhouse kick, knocking Wardlow into the crowd below before hitting a shooting star press into the mess of wrestlers.

Things Break Down Into A Complete Brawl

Finally back in the ring, Luchasaurus would hit another huge series of kicks, nail a chokeslam and got for the pin as MJF distracted the referee. Jungle Boy would take out MJF, but with the referee distracted Wardlow would go low, and hit the F-10 for the win.

This was an incredible contest from two of the best big men in wrestling today. Things would break down into a huge brawl to end this, with Wardlow & MJF vs. Jungle Boy & Luchasaurus set to come as part of Fyter Fest. Who will win this coming tag contest? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below?

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