Charlotte Flair def. Asuka by Count-Out | WWE Raw Results (6/1/2020)

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Charlotte Flair def. Asuka by Count-Out | WWE Raw Results (6/1/2020)

WWE Monday Night Raw continues. Randy Orton talks backstage about how in the past week he’s been watching the WWE Network, name drops a bunch of different shows. Says the one thing consistent among every superstar he saw, they believe Ric Flair is the greatest of all time. Randy agrees. But last week Ric Flair made the claim that Randy Orton is the best to ever lace up the boots. Orton says Edge has claimed much the same. Randy talks about how Edge accused him of being lazy, complacent and comfortable. Admits that he’s totally right, but Edge can’t stand the fact that he’s phoned it in and half-assed it for decades and he’s accomplished more than Edge ever could. All he has to do is wake up, lace up the boots and get in the ring to prove that he’s the best. And a week from Sunday he’ll prove that he’s better than Edge. He set the bait and Edge bit. Now his storybook ending is going to be rewritten by the three most destructive letters in sports entertainment: R-K-O. Now, out comes Charlotte Flair for her special bout against Asuka.

After a break, Charlotte gets on the mic and says this Sunday at NXT TakeOver: In Your House, she will defend her title in a triple threat match against Io Shirai and Rhea Ripley. These two women are who every single one of these aspiring WWE Superstars in the crowd should want to be like. They share the gym and the locker room and the performance center. She wants one of them to be the next Ripley or Shirai, she wants one of them to stand up to the throne so she can make them bow down. She knows a woman with a history of bowing down and that’s Asuka. Says Asuka is the first-ever Women’s Royal Rumble winner, had the longest undefeated streak in the history of the WWE and is a Grand Slam Champion which is to say she’s held every active women’s title under the WWE banner. Charlotte claims the Empress wants to be like the Queen!

WWE Raw Women’s Champion Asuka vs. NXT Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair (Non-title)

Lock-up. Charlotte singles out an arm. Asuka reverses. Charlotte with a side headlock, Asukalock but it’s rolled through for a cover! 2 count. Few shots ducked and they stand off. Charlotte with a thrust kick to the gut, rams her head into the turnbuckle. Wants another one but Asuka reverses only for Charlotte to block and punch her in the face. Knife edge chops in the corner. Charlotte singles out a leg against the middle rope, knee drops that leg! We get our special DQ not-really-commercial-break, match continues in the inset with Charlotte working over that leg. Looking for a grapevine of sorts, Asuka is fighting it. She pummels her and covers for 2. We’re back now as Charlotte stands tall.

She wants a springing kneebreaker but Asuka counters with a roll-up for 2! Charlotte responds with a series of kneebreakers. Asuka fights up to the corner, back elbow but Charlotte clobbers her. Drapes a leg over the second rope again and goes for another knee drop but Asuka evades it, only to eat a forearm. Charlotte facewashes her a few times. Asuka springs to her feet, exchange of forearms but Asuka blocks and counters, body shots but a Spinning Backfist is blocked, Charlotte kicks her leg out from under her! Flair with a busted lip, she’s licking the blood off! She charges but Asuka catches her with a roundhouse kick! They both fall to the mat. Hip attack in the corner, wants a Bulldog but Charlotte shoves her away, Asuka ducks a clothesline and tosses her with a German Suplex! Shining Wizard for a nearfall!

Asuka goes up top, wants a Missile Dropkick, Charlotte avoids it and she crashes and burns but when Charlotte reaches for it she turns it into a Cross-Armbreaker attempt. Charlotte wants to roll through but Asuka turns it into an Arm Triangle! But Charlotte pulls her up into a Boston Crab! Asuka rolls through for a 2 count and then turns the kick-out into a kneebar!! Charlotte fights her way up, deadlifts Asuka up into a crazy German Suplex! Flair tries for a big boot but it’s avoided, Asuka with a spin kick to the midsection, hits the ropes, Charlotte does the same but Asuka catches her with a Flying Armbar! Has it triangled! She’s got it in deep… Charlotte powering her up slowly! Backlund Bomb hits hard!!! Close nearfall! Looking for the Figure Four, Asuka fights it and gets to the bottom rope before it’s cinched in. Asuka fights up to the apron, Charlotte with a charging big boot taking her to the floor! Asuka’s own theme hits and out comes Nia Jax with Asuka’s mask on and her facepaint on. This distracts Asuka who lets herself get counted out due to stupidity.

Winner: Charlotte Flair (By count-out)

Nia then runs down the ramp to nail Asuka with a shoulderblock. Her theme hits. A really good match with maybe the worst ending one could ask for that doesn’t involve someone being brutally injured.

Lana is being interviewed backstage. We see yet another replay of the situation with her and MVP earlier. It’s noted that Bobby asked Lana not to go to ringside with him because her beauty was too distracting and she’s asked if perhaps it was actually MVP’s idea all along. Lana says she’s not sure… actually no, she doesn’t think it was her Bobby. She notes that Lashley asked her not to come out during his match but he never said anything about MVP’s matches. She laughs villainously as she walks off-screen.

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