Has WWE Legend ‘The Undertaker’ Finally Retired?

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Has WWE Legend 'The Undertaker' Finally Retired?

After 33 years in the wrestling industry, we might finally see one of the most legendary figures ride off into the sunset. This is Mark Calaway, who has appeared under many names, but is best known as The Undertaker. WWE’s greatest heavyweight monster, Undertaker would win seven world titles in his career, and maintain the greatest winning streak in Wrestlemania history. His resume is one of the best in wrestling history, and that has made his regarded as one of the best ever.

He recently pulled the curtain back for the first time in his career in a series for the WWE Network, The Last Ride. Over 5 episodes, we got to see him break character and show us the broken man behind the scenes. With the final episode, we also seem to have gotten another teased retirement. Undertaker would post a picture of him from a previous Wrestlemania, with his arm raised. The caption simply read ‘Thank You.’

The Undertaker Has Pulled This Stunt Before

After his Wrestlemania 33 match with Roman Reigns, it would seem that the career of The Undertaker was over. He’d take off his gloves, and put them neatly in the ring with his folded coat and hat. On his way out of the ring into the back, he’d break character and kiss his wife who was in the front row. Everyone figured this was the end for him, that he would go out on only his second loss at Wrestlemania, putting over the next face of the company.

However, this wouldn’t be the case, and since then he’s worked matches against Rusev, John Cena, Drew McIntyre, Shane McMahon, Triple H, Goldberg and AJ Styles. No doubt he slowed down after that match, but he has still been getting into the ring.

The Boneyard Match Would Be The Perfect Finale

If his final match is The Boneyard match with AJ Styles from this past Wrestlemania, it would be the perfect way to end his career. It was his best performance in years, and it truly helped to build the mystique of his character back up to great heights once again. The only flaw in it, was that AJ Styles was back in action a few weeks later, with the only impact being that he’s mentally scarred by The Undertaker. Beyond that, it was Undertaker at his best. He looked so good, that fans have assumed he would have more matches of this type going forward.

Hopefully this is the end of The Undertaker, as he has a chance to go out like a legend should. We will see him again, as he is surely to be placed into the WWE Hall Of Fame, and to appear on special events, but there isn’t much reason for him to step into the ring anymore.

Do you think The Undertaker is retired? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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