Jinder Mahal Injured Again

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It was only a short time ago that Jinder Mahal would return to WWE. He came back from a knee injury that put him out of the ring for over the year. Seemingly destined for another top level run, he would destroy Akira Tozawa on both RAW & Main Event before vanishing once again. A post to Instagram would shed some light on why this was. Jinder Mahal seems to be injured once again.

Jinder Mahal Injured Once Again

It is never fun to see someone get injured after just returning, but it is better for him to get these issues sorted out now before his run really got started. There was high potential in this return, considering both he & current WWE Champion Drew McIntyre were pushing for a title program between them.

Would Mahal vs. McIntyre Main Evented Backlash?

We very well could have seen this at Backlash, instead of the coming clash between McIntyre & Lashley. The build for Lashley becoming a main event star felt rushed, like it was meant to have a smaller match at Backlash before taking aim at McIntyre afterwards. Mahal would have been easier to build up, as he was a former WWE Champion and came back as a blank slate from his injury. They simply had to lean into him as a former champion, have him string together some quick wins, and then have him call out his former 3MB partner.
Hopefully Mahal is not out for an entire year this time. He was really hitting his stride in the ring after his run as WWE Champion, but the injury would hinder Jinder. He makes it seem less serious than last time, with the wording of ‘fix some knee issues’. Here’s hoping that he will be back later in 2020, and that we could still have a chance to see what McIntyre & Mahal had brewing.
We here at The Overtimer wish Jinder Mahal a speedy recovery. Share some of your favorite Mahal moments from his latest runs in the comment section down below.
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