MJF def. Billy | AEW Dynamite Results (6/17/2020) | All Elite Wrestling

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AEW Dynamite continues and now we have MJF going up against Billy! He’s coming out with both sons this time, Austin and Colten.

MJF vs. Billy

The bell rings and MJF quickly takes a powder, not wanting any of Billy. He slips back in the ring when he’s ready and puts on an arm wringer but Billy is no selling. Max pretends it’s a handshake instead but Billy holds onto his hand. Big arm drag! MJF with a headlock punch. Knee lift to the gut, whip reversed, ducks under each shot, wants a double leg but gets shoved away, Billy with a big boot to the chest! Billy with a headlock punch of his own. Max once again ducks out of the ring and goes to the stage and he’s even turning away up into the tunnel. Billy gives chase as it looks like MJF is gonna just take the count-out. But when we next see them, Billy is taking MJF back into the ring with him on his shoulder! As he takes him into the ring, Max surprises him with a Hot Shot! He poses triumphantly, but Billy enters the ring behind him. Max turns around, but ducks a kick, gets him with a chop block and now he’s focusing on the leg, knee strikes and a knee drop to that leg! Commercial break as he works over the ankle.

In the inset, MJF continues working over the leg and wraps it around the ringpost but Billy kicks him away! But as Max distracts the ref, Wardlow attacks and slams his leg into the post instead! This lets MJF continue working over the leg as we come back from break. He puts the leg against the bottom rope for a kneebreaker! Tries another but Billy avoids it! But now MJF again grapevines the leg only to get sent facefirst into the second turnbuckle! MJF charges but eats big right hands, Billy with a Tilt-A-Whirl Slam! He kicks him but is staggering on his bum leg, hits the ropes but Max gets out of the way before he can try the Fameasser, gets him down and puts on an Inverted Figure Four and holds onto the rope to torque it in deeper! Aubrey Edwards with a kick stops that and MJF pops up to get in her face.

As he turns around, Billy with a goozle but MJF with a kick to the leg, wants a Fameasser but Billy flips him to his feet! And there’s the Fameasser nailed this time! Wardlow on the apron distracts Aubrey though, tosses the Dynamite Diamond to MJF! Billy knocks Wardlow to the floor, Wardlow clobbers Austin, Billy sends Wardlow into the barrier and slips back into the ring, Max with a shot of the Diamond Ring and pins him for the victory!

Winner: MJF

As MJF celebrates, he gets in the face of Jungleboy at ringside who takes issue with how he won that match. Before you know it, Jurassic Express jumps the barricade and there’s a big pull apart brawl as Luchasaurus is again going after Wardlow!

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