MJF vs. Billy Gunn | AEW Dynamite Preview (6/17/2020) | All Elite Wrestling

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Another episode of AEW Dynamite is on tap for this evening! In a match set up due to a confrontation last week, we have one of the youngest up and comers on the roster against one of the most seasoned veterans around, as MJF goes one-on-one with Billy Gunn! You can expect the same coverage of tonight’s show as always and since I’m getting to it early enough this go ’round, that includes previews of all the biggest matches! Let’s get to it!

MJF vs. Billy Gunn

It’s always a little notable when Billy Gunn steps into the ring for a singles match in AEW, it doesn’t really happen too often. Generally speaking he’s here in AEW as a Coach and to help boost the career of his young son Austin, whom he’s usually seen teaming with in the Gunn Club duo. But he drew the ire of MJF, as the two of them happened to be in close proximity in the crowd area last week and this started up a war of words. They wasted no time in making a match of this, as they’re going one-on-one this week.

This has been foreshadowed a little bit in the past. The two have had run-ins in battle royals that were pretty entertaining. In AEW, for seemingly the first time, Billy’s size has really been highlighted, he’s deceptively enormous. And this allows people like MJF a good chance to play the chickensh*t a little bit, which we’ve seen. And I expect a little more of that here, as the two of them should put on a pretty oldschool match together.

This could be the start of a nice little mini-feud to help MJF bide his time until he’s ready to go after Moxley like he’s intimated on in the past. I actually think what I expect here is that it looks like MJF may actually lose his undefeated streak when the big heavy Wardlow helps him get the win. A potential 2-on-1 beatdown would be thwarted by Austin coming in to save his dad, leading to a future tag team match and a possible Wardlow/Billy hoss battle as well.

But of course that’s just me spitballing, MJF could just as easily get the win on his own and the mini-feud ends nearly as soon as it begins. One thing is for sure, MJF over.

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