Monday Night Raw Preview (6/22) – Ric Flair Will Declare Randy Orton The Best Wrestler of All Time

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Monday Night Raw Preview (6/22) - Ric Flair Will Declare Randy Orton The Best Wrestler of All Time

One of Monday Night Raw’s segments that has some decent potential was confirmed on last week’s Smackdown. This is the pinnacle of Randy Orton’s career, or it’s being hyped as that following him beating Edge at Backlash in the “Greatest Wrestling Match Ever.” While far from the best ever, it was definitely a fun match that showed old school wrestling still works as they pummeled each other seemingly without an end in sight.

Last week, Edge’s lifelong friend and former tag team partner, Christian, was set to face Orton following a challenge. What was interesting leading up to this was Christian getting advice from various superstars like the Big Show and even Ric Flair. Having Flair in your corner when you’re about to go face one of his former proteges and teammates is a recipe for disaster, but we can chalk it up to Christian having a lot on his mind.

As it turned out, there was reason for us to be doubtful as Christian trusted Flair so completely that he never expected the dirtiest player in the game to low blow him. If that wasn’t enough, Orton punt kicked him for an easy win, then professed how sorry he was but he had to send Christian home before he hurt himself like he had Edge.

Legend Killer

Fast forward to tonight’s celebration, and it’s obvious Orton will be celebrated as the Legend Killer of old. It’s been a while since those days, and interesting enough, Orton is now one of those legends. Irony?

While it’s hard to see Flair celebrate another being the best in history, what’ll make this interesting is some comments the Bis Show made this past week. It is believed by many that the Big Show will take exception to Orton’s antics and confront him in a possible match, or build up to Extreme Rules on July 19.

While this one may fly under the radar for many, it’s a potential match and feud we’re looking forward to. It’s more than nostalgia, as both men can still wrestle, as both have recently shown. The Big Show, though barely appearing anymore, had a very solid match with Drew McIntyre following McIntyre’s win over Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 36. In fact, that match surpassed McIntyre’s and Lesnar’s by a wide margin, in my opinion.

Honestly, this could be another awesome time capsule type of match like Orton and Edge’s over the last few months. It should be noted that there are rumors floating around that Orton will feud with McIntyre for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. The problem there is it feels wrong to end McIntyre and Bobby Lashey’s feud this soon. They deserve another match or two (possibly at Extreme Rules?) before they put that one to bed.

As strange as it may sound, this segment could be really reminiscent of the Attitude and Ruthless Aggression Eras, and that would be a great thing for us and Monday Night Raw.

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