Monday Night Raw Preview (6/22) – Unlisted by Expected Appearances

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Monday Night Raw Preview (6/22) – Unlisted by Expected Appearances

Well, here we are. We’ve reached the end of this week’s Monday Night Raw Preview, and it looks like a fun show for Championship Monday. There are other possibilities for the show that aren’t officially listed, but wouldn’t make sense for them to skip them. Especially considering Raw is three hours long.

These are the brief moments that are often used to fill in any gaps or further storylines, but as it so happens, they are also some of the more interesting part of the show lately.

MVP’s Reaction to Apollo Crews

Last week, MVP offered his services to Apollo Crews. With what he accomplished with unleashing Bobby Lashley and getting him a world title shot, it’s hard to deny MVP knows what he’s doing for those under his wing.

But Crews is already the United States Champion, so he’s not interested in another title. Plus, Crews is just awesome as a face as positivity and happiness oozes from him. It’s easy to see he’s enjoying himself, so why join with MVP when he doesn’t need to?

Well, this is where things get dangerous. We expect MVP to make another pitch to Crews, and we also expect Crews to turn him down. Since MVP doesn’t take rejection well (just ask Drew McIntyre), it wouldn’t surprise us if he turns Lashley’s focus on Crews to “convince him” of what the right choice would be. This could turn into an interesting rivalry that’s help put Crews over even more. The thing is, it doesn’t feel right for McIntyre and Lashley to be done already.

But this is the WWE and Vince McMahon, so we’ll have to wait and see.

Liv Morgan’s quest

Then there’s Liv Morgan and whatever they have her doing this week. Is she going to feud with Natalya after being blamed for their lose as a tag team? Will she figure out what she’s meant to be doing (ie gimmick change?) or join someone that’ll help her?

She’s one of the more talented wrestlers on the roster, and seeing her wandering about is a travesty. She should be in the Raw Women’s Championship picture.

Zelina Vega’s headaches

Somewhere along the line, Zelina Vega imagined a dominant team that would garner all the championships and rule the land. But when you have two egos as big as Angel Garza and Andrade’s, any sort of team mentality will only last so long. It’s not her fault, but there’s only so much they can do. Since they’re basically fighting over Vega’s services or her approval, you’d think they’d be more focused on working together to make her happy, but things don’t always work out like we planned.

One thing we’re certain of, things will definitely get worse before they get better for these individuals. Definitely worth the popcorn to watch them go at it.

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