Monday Night Raw Recap (6/22) Dolph Ziggler challenges Drew McIntyre; Nia Jax and Charlotte Flair Explode

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Monday Night Raw Recap (6/22) Dolph Ziggler challenges Drew McIntyre; Nia Jax and Charlotte Flair Explode

Starting things off on Monday Night Raw, Drew McIntrye comes out to the cheers of the Performance Center. He doesn’t look dressed for battle, so of course there will be one.

He welcomed us to Championship Monday and recounted last week’s match with R-Truth at his side. He commented that that was the past, and we have to look toward the future.

And… Dolph Ziggler’s music starts and he comes out to challenge/antagonize McIntyre.

Ziggler announced that he and his tag team partner, Robert Roode, were Smackdown’s offer in the trade for AJ Styles. Ziggler reminds McIntyre that he was fired many years ago and he owes everything he’s become to Ziggler.

They became dominate tag team champions because of him.

WWE Champion because of him.

So instead of “it should’ve been me,” it’s “because of me.”

All Ziggler asks in return for everything he did is a shot at the WWE Championship at Extreme Rules.

McIntyre pointed out how their careers were going opposite directions, praising his abilities but saying Ziggler’s become everything they used to despise: “An entitled jackass.” He then explained how he Ziggler dubbed him the Scottish Psychopath, and how much worse he’d be to defend his title and asked if Ziggler really wanted the match. Ziggler replied he did, so we have a match set for Extreme Rules Pay-per-view.

This should be a good match no matter how it’s cut. Ziggler is one of the best in-ring performers in the promotion, and McIntyre has been coming into his own since winning the championship.

Not done yet

Nia Jaz then came out following the opening segment and set up a chair in the middle of the ring and took a seat. This should be good.

“It must be Monday because Charlotte Flair got exactly what she wanted.”

Nia then pleaded being cheated in both her matches against Asuka, but before she could get going R-Truth came out, interrupting her. Thank you, Truth.

Truth informed her he was supposed to have a match against Akira Tozawa for the 24/7 Championship. Nia wasn’t impressed.

Truth was under the impression Nia Jax was Akira, and when Truth spotted Akira behind the announcers’ desk, he ran off with the ninjas in pursuit.

Charlotte Flair then came out and interrupted Nia again.

Of course, she pokes fun of Nia’s whining, and the two got into an interesting insult exchange. While the smack talk was flying, Nia pointed out how Charlotte has never beaten her, and in fact Nia dominated her when they did meet.

A brawl ensured, and officials ran in to separate the two, but not before Charlotte injured her left arm. Guess we know how Asuka will win later on in their match on Mondya Night Raw?

A meeting of the Viking Profits followed a promo recapping their recent adventures, and both parties explained that though they were friends, once in the ring their friendship wouldn’t matter.

After they left, Zelina Vega appeared, looking thoughtful and contemplative.

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