Monday Night Raw Recap (6/22)

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Monday Night Raw Recap (6/22)
Monday Night Raw

Hello everyone and welcome to this week’s Monday Night Raw Recap for June 22, 2020. I’m CP Bialois, your host for the evening, so pull up a chair, grab some snacks, and let’s get ready to get it going!

Segment 1:

Drew McIntyre started us off, and then Dolph Zigger came out. Apparently he and Robert Roode are Smackdown’s offering for AJ Styles. A two for one deal.

Dolph reminded Drew that he was once fired and Dolph lifted him up, and everything he’s done up until now is because of him. Dolph then said he wanted a WWE Championship match at Extreme Rules, and after a little banter where Drew corrected their history, Drew offered him a match and Dolph accepted. Looks like we’re going to get Drew McIntyre (c) vs. Dolph Ziggler at Extreme Rules for the WWE Championship.

Nia Jax then came out and set up a chair in the middle of the ring. This should be good.

Segment 2:

Nia Jax began complaining how Charlotte Flair got everything she wanted, while she was shafted by the officals in both her matches agains Asuka.

R-Truth thankfully interupted her, and after confusing her with Akira Tozawa, he was forced to run off into the enpty stand with an army of ninjas chasing him.

With her distraction gone, Nia went back to complaining, but that time Charlotte Flair came out and the two exchanged some insults as we’d expect. Also as we’d expect, a brawl broke out between the two of them, resulting in Charlotte’s left arm being injured before the officials separated them. Guess we know how she’s going to lose to Asuka later on, huh?

Shifting scens, the Viking Profits met backstage and after declaring their friendship, explained that though they were friends, that wouldn’t matter once the match started. To add mystery to it all, Zelina Vega entered after they left looking thoughtful. Wonder which team she’s going to try to recruit, or is she up to something else?

Segment 3:

In a short ut fun match, the Street Profits (Montex Ford and Angelo Dawkins)managed to prevail over the Viking Raiders (Erik and Ivar) to retain their Raw Tag Team Championship.

Zelina Vega came down with Andrade and Angel Garza came down and attacked the Street Profits, but ran when the Viking Raiders came back.

The camera switched to backstage where Seth Rollins and his faction are gathered, and Rolins teased he had a message for Rey Mysterio.

Segment 4:

Rolins gave a speech about how he and Rey Mysterio weren;t abel to choose their roles, but fate had chosen for them. He also added that anything Rey or Dominic suffered from then on was 100% on Rey.

“Legends never die, but they sure as hell outlive their wealth.”

Looks like Rey’s appearance is going to carry some consequences.

Asuka entered the ring ready to defend her Raw Women’s Championship.

Segment 5:

In a great match that saw counters and hard hitting, Asuka countered a figure four into an Asukalock that forced Flair to tap out, giving Asuka her first win against the Queen.

Segment 6:

Edge gave one of his patented, intense promos as he proclaimed Randy “Woke up the R Rated Superstar.

Following that, Orton said a snake strikes wildly and blindly to defend itself when it’s backed into a corner, and Edge and Christian had threatened him by returning.

Looks like this feud isn’t anywhere close to being over.

Segment 7:

Charlotte Flair was attacked by Nia jax backstage and her arm was further injured. Looks like that promise was kept by Jax.

24/7 Championship match

Bobby Lashley can out and leveled the ninjas before slapping on his full nelson on R-Truth as payback for last week’s tag match. When Lasley and MVP left, Tozawa came oout of hiding under the ring (he ducked when Lashley arrived) and pinned Truth teo wint eh 24/7 Championship. So much for a match.

The segment ended with Natalya interupting a report on Flair’s injured arm and proclaiming herself the leader of the women’s division, kind like Rollins did Raw in general. This should be interesting. She also promised an announcement, but it’ll have to wait until after her match with Liv Morgan.

Segment 8:

It appears that Natalya’s announcement is that she and Lana are a team, as Lana was waiting for her by the ring. After a quick match where Morgan never really got going, Lana distracted her so Natalya could take out her right leg and slap the sharpshooter on her.

Afterwards, Natalya and Lana hugged outside the ring and acted like besties. This could get interesting.

Ric Flair came out to anoint Randy Orton as the greatest wrestler ever. What could possible go wrong?

Segment 9:

Ric Flair started off by warning Nia Jax that when Charlotte comes back, she’s going to pay for what she did. He then switched gears to promoting Randy Orton as the best wrestler in the WWE’s history.

During Orton’s speech, the Big Show came out, and after a brief exchange, Orton called him a legend and then left the ring, promising everything that will happen is the Big Show’s fault.

Segment 10:

WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship – Sasha Nanks and Bayley (c) vs Iiconics (Billie Kay and Peyton Royce)

A pretty decent match that felt rushed saw Bayley and Banks not quite as fluid a team as we’d expect, and Banks slapped on the Bank Statement on Royce for the win.

After the match, Banks admitted she’s jealous that Bayey has two belts, and while they’re best friends, she wants a title match. She officially challened… Asuka for the Raw Women’s Championship.

Asuka came out, informed Banks she wasn’t her boss, then accepted. Bayley and Banks then beat her down before Banks used the Bank Statement on her to end it.

Segment 11:

On a segment of VIP Lounge, MVP tried another sales pitch to Apollo Crews, who refused. When things got heated, Shelton Benjamin came out for their match. MVP asked for a second of Crews’ time, suring which Benjamin attacked him and threw him out of the ring, and then rammed his left shoudler into the ring post.

MVP condluded by saying, “Lesson number one, never put yourself in a 2 on 1 situation because it leaves your blindside vulnerable. That one was free, the next is gonna cost you.”

Segment 12:

United States Championship – Apollo Crews (c) vs Shelton Benjamin

A short but entertaining match, Crews eventually hit his Toss Powerbomb for the win with MVP watching from the ramp. MVP then came down and tried to raise Crews’ hand, but Crews would have none of it. He pulled away and started to tell MVP off when Lashley ran down the ramp and slapped his gull nelson on Crews.

MVP didn’t lie, there wasn’t going to be a third time.

The scene shifted to the backstage area where Rey and Dominc Mysterio plan to confront Seth Rollins.

Segment 13:

The Mysterios had a touching moment in the ring before they called out Seth Rollins. Rollins came out with the intent to sacrifice Dominic: “Two eyes are better than one.”

Fortunately, Aleister Black and Humberto Carrillo attacked them from behind and before long the tide was turned and The foursome was about to take out Rollins’ eye. His disciples attacked them from behind, and in second Rollins was going to injure Dominic like he had Rey, but Black and Carrillo arrived with steel chairs, and Rollins retreated.

Raw had been kind iffy the last few weeks, but this was a pretty good show over all. What would you rate it on a scale of one to ten? Our rating it 7.5.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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