Rhyno Teases Reuniting With Heath Slater In Impact Wrestling

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Rhyno Teases Reuniting With Heath Slater In Impact Wrestling
One man that fans have kept their eyes on after his WWE release is Heath Slater, who is now going by the name of Heath Miller. He’s been using his 90 day non-compete period to get into shape once again, with him looking to be as fit as ever. He reached early success outside of WWE with his first shirt on ProWrestlingTees proudly saying “I Got Fired! reaching the top selling chart instantly. With his new branding of “dangerously underrated”, we also now have a good hint on where he’s going.

Rhyno Already Has A Tag Team Partner</h3

Recently on Impact Wrestling, Rhyno would defeat Hakim Zane of the Desi Hit Squad, and Zane would come backstage to berate Rhyno. Zane felt that a veteran like Rhyno should take him under his wing, like a tag team partner. Rhyno would happily smile at the camera knowingly, and say proudly “I already have a tag team partner, and he has kids.”
This could only mean one person obviously, as Rhyno & Heath Slater were the first ever Smackdown Tag Team Champions, and stuck together until WWE released Rhyno in 2018. Slater would all but vanish from TV after that moment, and he’d be released in 2020. Since then, he’s been keeping his head low and getting into the best shape of his career, which could come into play very soon.

Rhyno & Heath Slater Will Be Another Great Addition To The Impact Tag Team Roster

While they can’t touch the AEW Tag Team roster which is stacked to the ceiling with teams like The Young Bucks, Lucha Bros, FTR and more, Impact Wrestling is no slouch in this department. The North alone make for a solid division, and if you can add Rhyno & Slater as well as Gallows & Anderson to that list, you have two more solid teams who can put on some clinics. They already have the second best tag division in North America, and could move in on that top slot with smart signings. Heath Slater would be an incredibly smart signing to start with.
Do you think Heath Slater will be a good fit with Impact Wrestling? Will his ceiling be the tag team divison, or could he prove himself to be a potential top star? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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