What Happened To The Authors Of Pain?

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What Happened To The Authors Of Pain?
On Monday Night RAW, Seth Rollins is still a top dog. This rise to the top again started when he would align himself with the dominant young tag team of The Authors Of Pain. Already two time tag team champions by this point, the massive Akam & Rezar made for perfect henchmen for the Monday Night Messiah. However, they were quietly removed from the faction and Monday Night RAW as a whole. What happened to the Authors Of Pain?

Rezar Is Injured

Around the middle of March during an 8 man tag match involving the Authors Of Pain, Murphy, and Rollins going against Street Profits, Samoa Joe & Kevin Owens, Rezar would suffer a torn bicep. This came after catching a crossbody attempt from Montez Ford, his arm would give out. Proving his toughness, he would finish the match with one good arm. This was the last we have currently seen of this team, as Akam was pulled off TV as well.

The Authors Of Pain Are A True Package Deal

Despite the fact that someone as dominant as Akam would still make for a great henchman for Seth Rollins, he was pulled from TV when his partner went down to injury. WWE will rarely use the other member of a dedicated tag team when the other gets injured or suspended.
There have been exceptions to this, but this was the case with The Authors Of Pain twice now. Akam was the one who was previously injured, pulling Rezar off TV. Now Akam must do his time while Rezar heals up. A torn bicep can take up to 8 months to full heal, meaning it will still be a while before they are back.

Will WWE Lose Faith In Them?

Despite being a young and promising team, with Akam only 27 and Rezar soon turning 26, these injuries could be all it takes for WWE to lose faith in them as an act. The reason why teams like The New Day and The Usos get so much focus in the tag team division is that they are proven to be reliable. The New Day is nearly impossible to remove from TV, requiring two members to be hurt at a time which has yet to happen. The Authors Of Pain have not proven to be a reliable act for WWE, and their next chance very well could be their last.
Do you think WWE will push Authors Of Pain again? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.
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