WWE Has A Cinematic Match Planned For Extreme Rules

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WWE Has A Cinematic Match Planned For Extreme Rules

At Extreme Rules, the marquee match is going to be the clash between Braun Strowman & Bray Wyatt. Wyatt has brought his swamp cult-leader gimmick back from the dead, holding the Fiend back once again to try to get Braun back. This was never going to lead to a normal wrestling match, and reports indicate WWE is going cinematic once again, and have added a tagline to the event. Extreme Rules: Horror Show is the new title, and it promises to bring exactly that with the latest encounter of Wyatt & Strowman.

WWE Is Scouting For A Shooting Location For Another Cinematic Classic

The intent is to go through the history of The Wyatt Family, with a specific focus on Bray & Braun. If Harper & Rowan were around in WWE still, they would be involved but faceless followers will likely have to do. It’s going to be handled by the same team as The Boneyard match, but with Bray Wyatt’s unique touches. Jeremy Borash & Triple H will be on the scene, but Micheal Hayes will not be around due to him recently undergoing hip surgery. Hayes will likely still be helping to put together the story together.

What To Expect From This Match

It has been said this is going to be a cross between something like The Terminator and a Horror Movie, being based around Wyatt’s ability to revive himself. It will be much more action packed than the Firefly Funhouse match that Wyatt had against John Cena at Wrestlemania this past April.

Given that both that and the Boneyard match got great reviews, having Wyatt in another match of this type will be great. The match at Money In The Bank was done in a similar way, but with minor edits like the Firefly Funhouse puppets being in the crowd.

We will likely see Strowman somehow survive the old Wyatt, setting up the final clash between Strowman & The Fiend at an event like Summerslam.

Are you excited for another cinematic match from WWE? Should the Universal Championship be defended in what will boil down to a movie? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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