WWE Main Event Results: Ricochet & Cedric Alexander vs. Austin Theory & Murphy

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WWE Main Event Results: Ricochet & Cedric Alexander vs. Austin Theory & Murphy

There are a few types of matches on WWE Main Event. One’s where Ruby Riott loses, matches with WWE Performance Center talent making established WWE names look dominant, or matches that deserve to be on a show that gets more viewers. Stuff like the excellent matches between Ricochet & Shane Throne come to mind, as does this match. The high flying duo of Ricochet & Cedric Alexander taking on Seth Rollins disciples, Austin Theory & Murphy, an undefeated tag team. It might sound like an NXT Tag Team Title match, but no, it’s a throwaway match for Main Event. Either way, it’ll rock. Who will win?

Lightning Fast Action From Both Teams

Action would start between Murphy & Ricochet, with Murphy grabbing an arm hold to start as they would trade holds and quick covers in athletic fashion. Theory & Alexander would come in, and do a very similar song and dance, with Alexander out wrestling him, but Theory throwing the first strike with a club to the back.

Alexander gave him a recipt with a dropkick however, before another forearm to the face this time would stagger Alexander. Murphy would tag in, and Ricochet would have to save his partner from a double suplex. He’d be sent to the outside but Alexander would slip away from the suplex and make a blind tag to Ricochet who already got onto the apron.

Theory & Murphy would both go for back suplexes, with both Ricochet & Alexander slipping away, rolling into headscissors takedowns, and nailing huge dropkicks. Ricochet tease a dive, but instead bounce off the ropes into a superhero like landing, making them think about what he could have did instead.

Murphy & Austin Theory Get The Advantage

Following a commercial break, Murphy & Theory would have turned the tides of the battle, and have Ricochet isolated. A suplex from Theory would be followed by a head-arm choke, before Murphy would tag in. Ricochet would be dropped by a snap DDT from Murphy, and it’d get a 2.9 count.

Alexander would be eager for a tag, as Ricochet tried to break another head-arm choke. Murphy would throw him face first into the middle turnbuckle, but Ricochet would bounce back with a rolling dropkick. Alexander & Theory would tag in at the same time, and Alexander was ready to go. He’d pepper Theory with quick strikes, before hitting a fast and low dropkick. A forearm smash in the corner followed by a tornado DDT would force Murphy to break the pin.

Ricochet would roll into the ring but would be caught on the shoulders of Murphy. He’d be slip off and shove Murphy into the knee of Alexander, before Ricochet would hit a neckbreaker onto the knee, a great show of tag team chemistry. Theory would roll in with a dropkick to Alexander, and hit Ricochet with the ATL to take him out of this match. Alexander would do his best to survive, but would miss a blind tag. After failing to hit the Lumber Check on Theory, he’d be blitzed by a knee to the face from Murphy, and this one was done.

I need to give this match atleast 3.75/5 (*** 3/4), as despite some rough patches, these teams brought the excitement and had one of the best tag matches in recent WWE history.

One Of These Teams Should Be Challenging For The RAW Tag Team Championships

As fun as the feud between Street Profits & Viking Raiders has been, it’s time for a new team to step up. After this incredible matchup, it’s clear that team should be Theory & Murphy. Murphy is a former champion alongside Rollins, but they never had chemistry this good. Theory would fail to beat Street Profits alongside Angel Garza, but again; they didn’t gel this well.

Meanwhile, Ricochet & Alexander have all the tools to be an exciting fan favorite team, and have championship potential as well. If these teams can have this good a match for Main Event? Imagine what they could do on a PPV.

Do you think these teams are future champions? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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