WWE Monday Night Raw Preview (6/22) – 24/7 Championship – R-Truth (C) vs Akira Tozawa

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WWE Monday Night Raw Preview (6/22) - 24/7 Championship - R-Truth (C) vs Akira Tozawa

Hello everyone and welcome to Championship Monday, or as it’s normally called, WWE Monday Night Raw.

There’s been a shake up in the front office the last week or so with Paul Heyman out of the Executive Producer’s chair, and longtime Vince McMahon compatriot, Bruce Prichard now running both shows (with McMahon’s final say, of course). It looks like they’re looking to make a splash on the second week of the change with four championship matches and some other goodies thrown in.

Let’s get started, shall we?

Truth of the matter

R-Truth has had a memorable run in his quest to keep and win back the WWE 24/7 Championship, and this week takes another peculiar turn.

Akira Tozawa spent a couple of months being invited to squash party after squash party until many of us wonder how much of a future he had in the WWE. Well, it appears while he was practicing getting slaughtered, they were cooking up a new gimmick for him. At Backlash he arrived as leader of a group of ninjas, and last week he made his intentions known to R-Truth that he wants the 24/7 championship around his waist.

Ninjas have it

This is an interesting angle if he wins, which he probably will during or after the match if need be, given the numbers game. Being that he has a stable in place to back him up, it’ll be hard for anyone but someone dressed as a ninja to get to him.

Of course, we can’t discount R-Truth as he’s had some of the best escapes in WWE history when trying to hold onto the championship. He’s succeeded against long odds time and again, but his luck may run out here.

As the first listed match for Monday Night Raw’s Championship Monday, we’re assuming this is going to be a standardized match with normal rules applying until afterwards.

The Mojo’s Back?

While Truth could hold onto the championship in the match, he could lose it afterwards but not to Tozawa. Just because he’s annoying as the 24/ champion, we’re expecting Mojo Rawley to make an appearance dressed like a ninja so he can steal the belt.

This is pure speculation on our part as he’s seemed kinda lost the last few weeks and could turn up. If he does, we’re betting on him being in a ninja outfit so he can sneak in. Of course, Tozawa has 7 ft 3 inch Jordan Omogbehin on hand, so we have a pretty good feeling he’ll stop Rawley if he does show.

What we’re really hoping for is to see Tozawa get the chance he deserves and make a great impression in the match and win the 24/7 championship. Truth has been the reason the championship has been interesting since it’s inception (still say it should be the Hardcore title), and we’re interested to see how far he and Tozawa can run with this thing.

Sure, it may be zany and hilarious, but it’ll give Tozawa some much deserved television time for everyone to see what he can do when he’s not being laid out after a few seconds.

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