WWE Monday Night Raw Recap (6/22) – United States Championship – Apollo Crews (c) defeated Shelton Benjamin

Apollo Crews won by pinfall

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WWE Monday Night Raw Recap (6/22) - United States Championship - Apollo Crews (c) defeated Shelton Benjamin

United States Championship – Apollo Crews (c) vs Shelton Benjamin

We came back form commercial break with Apollo Crews and Shelton Benjamin’s match already underway (Thanks, WWE. This has the potential to be a good match).

Benjamin showed the talent that’s been kept hidden from us for years as he dominated early on before Crews made his comeback with some timely punches. Benjamin did a cool counter to Crews’ standing moonsault into an armbar, but Crews managed to break the hold.

Crews his with his Toss Powerbomb for the win.

MVP was watching from the ramp, and when he tried to raise Crews’ hand, Crews shook him off and started telling him off. MVP kept his distracted for Bobby Lashley to run out and slap his full nelson on him to send another message.

The view switched to backstage, where Rey Mysterio and Dominic were waiting. Dominc asked if Rey wanted to do this, and Rey replied he did. They’re going to confront the Monday Night Messiah.

Rey Mysterio Returns

Rey Mysterio and is son, Dominic Mysterio, headed to the ring while a replay of Dominic’s fancy footwork last week as he avoided Rollins and his disciples after he nailed Rollins from behind.

Rey started talking about what it was like when a parent can’t get hold of their children, and he added he tried to call Dominic seven times. He didn’t like what his son was doing, and he didn’t expect him to get out of the 3 on 1 situations. While he’s proud, Rey’s also angry because Dominic knows the risks when stepping into the ring.

Rey said he’s got this one. He wants to get revenge, but he has to do it himself. Dominic refused to leave, and called Rollins out saying they wanted a fight.

The Monday Night Messiah responded by coming out.

Rollins explained or complained that he didn’t know what to do, whether he should’ve beat them both or made Rey watch as he sacrificed Dominic. “Two eyes are better than one.”

Rollins made his way to the bottom of the rant with chants of “Show No fear.” Once at the bottom, Rollins dropped to his knees with his arms wide as Murphy and Austin Theory came out. As he said, “This is on you, Rey,” Humberto Carrillo and Aleister Black attacked the disciples from behind.

Murphy made it into the ring where Dominic attacked him, but he pushed Dominic away as Black entered and knocked him out. Theory followed shortly afterwards and Carrillo took them both out with a moonsault over the top rope.

Cornered outside the ring, Rey hit him with a 619 through the ropes, then with 4 on 1, they were about to sacrifice one of Rollins’ eyes before his disciples attacked from behind

Rollins nearly managed to inflict the same injury on Dominic as he did Rey, but Carrillo and Black chased them away with steel chairs in hand.

This was a better ending than I expected giving how Rey Mysterio has been mauled weekling for a while now. Glad to see him come out on top for once.

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