EC3 Has Unfinished Business With Moose In Impact Wrestling

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EC3 Has Unfinished Business With Moose In Impact Wrestling

On the latest of Impact Wrestling, we would see EC3 make his long awaited in ring return. He’d attack Moose, who is currently parading around the TNA World Heavyweight Championship, and claiming to be the real world’s champion. While that is a belt EC3 has held in the past, there is another good reason for him to want to attack Moose.

EC3 Last Left Impact Wrestling Due To Losing Feast Or Fired

On the March 15th, 2017 episode of Impact Wrestling, EC3 would face Eli Drake, Petey Williams, and Moose in a Feast or Fired match. Moose would leave that match with a shot at the Global Championship, the then top title in the promotion. Meanwhile, EC3 got the pink slip, he picked the case that contained the ‘Fired’ stipulation of the match.

This would lead to EC3 making his ill fated return to WWE, one of the darkest spots in his wrestling career. While things started off well for EC3 in NXT, once he got to Monday Night RAW? He might as well have not even existed. Only showing up on rare occasions to be beaten in short order, not being able to get on the microphone. He wasted a few years of his career, while Moose thrived.

Feuds Have Started Over Less

In professional wrestling, we have seen feuds start over cups of coffee being spilled. Meanwhile, EC3 floundered in the wrestling industry for years following the Feast Or Fired match, while Moose thrived. EC3 has had time to stew on this over the past few years, which makes him attacking Moose make all the more sense.

We could very well see EC3 be the one who will take Moose down as TNA World Heavyweight Champion. It should produce some great matches, and if this is the story they choose to tell, it should provide some great promos as well. EC3 being the one to end Moose’s humilition of TNA could be a fine way to get him restarted. This is a run which many hope will lead to him becoming better than ever.

Do you think this is the reason EC3 attacked Moose on this past episode of Impact Wrestling? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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