MLW Anthology: Contra Unit

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MLW Anthology: Contra Unit

Let’s catch up on MLW Anthology with episode seven, highlighting Contra Unit. Like most episodes, this one features two matches that you can watch on their YouTube channel via different episodes of MLW Fusion. Contra Unit is currently Major League Wrestling’s most destructive faction.  

I would say “dominant” but they’ve only really held the World Title. Plus, Fatu and Samael are the real threats in the faction with Simon Gotch being third. However, when there’s three of them or the whole crew in a match? Extremely dangerous.  

That said, let’s go ahead and dive into these two matches! 

Contra Unit vs. Strong Hearts 

This match was fine. On MLW Anthology, the goal is to highlight these superstars in chronological order. I have to say, I appreciate that. I’m big on chronological order. Anyway, everyone in the match is talented but sometimes it just not the combination you care to see. That said, this was far from a bad match, it was just one that didn’t wow me nor was it a match I didn’t know I needed until I saw it. 

MLW Anthology: Contra Unit

MLW World Heavyweight Title: Jacob Fatu [c] vs. L.A Park 

This match had some lead up with Promociones Dorado attacking people for their Battle Riot numbers last year. L.A Park manages to get a good number and goes on to win the main event battle royal at Battle Riot II. By winning the Battle Riot match, the winner gets a shot at the MLW World title in the future. 

MLW Anthology: Contra Unit

The showdown between L.A Park and Jacob Fatu was an energetic brawl between two man-beasts. Not only that but these two can also take to the top rope if they need to. Technically, Fatu’s threats could be counted on one hand: Davey Boy Smith Jr, Tom Lawlor, Alexander Hammerstone, and L.A Park. Looking at a tale of the tape, L.A Park and Fatu are similar.  

Their styles differ a bit and Park has far more experience. This was a match I was anticipating and it did not disappoint. If there’s a match to watch on this show, it’s this one. 

The show ends with promo which was again from that week’s MLW Pulp Fusion. 

This was a solid episode. The second match wasn’t bad at all and you might actually enjoy it. L.A Park against Jacob Fatu was right up my alley as someone who loves brawls. I say pop this episode on the screen and enjoy it. 

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