Independant Wrestling News: Beyond Wrestling To Film A Network Pilot

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The wrestling world is getting better & better by the day. We finally have someone giving WWE a reason to try again in AEW, New Japan Pro Wrestling is expanding, the National Wrestling Alliance is back, and now we could get the first weekly independent wrestling show on TV. This would be from Beyond Wrestling, a promotion started in 2009 in Massachusetts.

Over their eleven years as a promotion, they have built up quite the following, having over 2 million subscribers on Youtube. They have been gaining steam with their weekly taped program in ‘Uncharted Territory’, which airs on & Independentwrestling.TV. After March, Beyond could be the latest to join the wrestling TV week. The news was broken by IWTV themselves. 

Could Beyond Offer Something New To Wrestling TV?

Besides being a fresh promotion who will help showcase a lot of overlooked talent, and one that is not afraid of running intergender wrestling, it’s hard to say what else Beyond can do that no one else can. They have grown quite the fanbase, and it would only grow further if the network pilot they are set to film in March does well. They will tape the pilot episode March 1st, 2020 at Melrose Memorial Hall in Melrose, Massachusetts. Tickets go on sale on January 24th, 2020. It’s unclear who will be performing on the card, but they will likely have all their best hands on deck.

What Network Was Interested, Or Are They Shopping Around?

It’s unclear at this time which network gave owner Drew Cordeiro a call. It has been rumored that both Showcase & HBO have been interested in picking up a wrestling program, so it could be one of them. It’s also likely they are taping a pilot and will send it to various networks, trying to catch the wave of the modern wrestling boom period. The press release mentions “The success of Uncharted Territory caught the attention of multiple distribution platforms and investors, resulting in this opportunity.” which means clearly there is someone interested in their product.

You can check out a good chunk of content from them for free on their YouTube channel, including one of their major shows from 2018 ‘Americana ’18’. That card features matches like David Starr vs. Joey Janela in a No Ropes Barbed Wire match, PCO vs. Brian Cage, and much more. It’s just 3 hours of some of the best you can expect from indie wrestling.

Would you been excited to see another new wrestling company enter the land of weekly TV? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below. The Overtimer is one of your leading sources for news on the thriving independent wrestling scene, so stay tuned for more news, rumors, and speculation.




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