NJPW Lions Break Collision: Tom Lawlor vs. Rocky Romero

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NJPW Lions Break Collision: Tom Lawlor vs. Rocky Romero

This is the big match that everyone was looking for within Lions Break Collision. Ever since the show was announced, everyone has wanted to see this match. Rocky Romero is a staple of New Japan Pro Wrestling, while Tom Lawlor is making his debut for the company.

For those unaware, Tom Lawlor is an MMA fighter and pro wrestler, mostly working for Major League Wrestling where he’s a former MLW Champion. In the start of a partnership between both companies, Lawlor is here to leave a lasting impression. It will be a great match for mat wrestling, but who would win?

Rocky Romero Remains Elusive

This match starts just how you would expect it too, Lawlor goes for a takedown but the judo trained Romero was ready to stop him. They would sprawl about the ring, before Lawlor would almost get a kneebar, but Romero got to the ropes before he was in serious trouble.

Romero would grab an armbar, but the power of Lawlor helped him break out as he could lift up Romero. The big strikes of Lawlor would brutalize Romero, but the wrestling experience of Romero would allow him to get ahead at this point of the match with a head scissors. Some swift strikes would pick away at Lawlor, but just one heavy leg kick would drop Romero where he stood.

Romero was downed and he’d be kicked around, with a jumping stomp taking his breath away. A huge uppercut and more strikes from Lawlor, but again the crafty junior heavyweight veteran slipped away and got the advantage as we passed the five minute mark.

Tom Lawlor Closes The Gap

Lawlor would try to body slam Romero, but end up in the Cobra Twist instead, his head trapped and arm being yanked back. Brute strength would get him out of this prediciment, but a knee drop to the arm would make it hard for Lawlor to stay in control. A tornado DDT followed by a cross armbreaker attempt could have ended the match, but Lawlor wouldn’t allow this. Romero would transitition to a triangle choke, Lawlor lifted him up for a powerbomb, and that was countered with a hurricarana.

With somoene like Tom Lawlor, it doesn’t take much to end a match. He’d catch Romero in the corner, and nearly lock in the rear naked choke with Romero barely getting a rollup to free himself. A rewind kick would stun Lawlor, with a running knee dropping him for a two count.

However, Lawlor would counter the shiranui into the rear naked choke, and once he had it locked in? Romero had no choice but to tap. After 9 minutes and 38 seconds of action, Tom Lawlor picks up his first win in NJPW.

This was a fantastic debut for Tom Lawlor, getting a win over the veteran Rocky Romero with a submission. Romero looked as good as ever, but it showed that it doesn’t take much for Lawlor to comeback and get a win. Will Tom Lawlor get more wins in NJPW? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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