NJPW Lions Break World Results: TJP & Clark Connors vs. Rust Taylor & Rocky Romero

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NJPW Lions Break World Results: TJP & Clark Connors vs. Rust Taylor & Rocky Romero
Rocky Romero/Rust Taylor (left) And TJP/Clark Connors (right) Match Graphic For Lion’s Break Collision For The July 24, 2020 Episode via New Japan Pro Wrestling

TJP & Rocky Romero are becoming naturals at taking young talents under their wings to help them shine. This week, TJP has the brash and aggressive young lion, Clark Connors, with him. Meanwhile, Romero teams with the veteran grappler, Rust Taylor.

Can Taylor play well with others long enough to win a tag team match though? Following his sole NJPW win against The DKC, he claimed to be a better wrestler than anyone in the company, meaning Romero as well. Can they co-exist after that disrespect?

Rust Taylor Was Built For New Japan Pro Wrestling

Taylor & TJP would start this one, with them seemingly equally matched in terms of grappling. There nearly 35 years of experience in the ring to start this one, and it showed. Taylor would get the first pinfall attempt of the match, but TJP wouldn’t give this one up before it truly began.

They’d trade submissions, with TJP getting the Octopus Stretch briefly, and Taylor would get out and get the Stretch Muffler. After a standoff, they’d tag in their tag team partners, both knowing this would go to the twenty minute time limit if nothing changes.

Connors & Romero wouldn’t go for chain wrestling, just rushing into each other, with the aggressive Connors getting the upper hand. Romero would survive and counter a dropkick before getting control briefly. He’d toy with Connors, and find himself locked in a Boston Crab. Taylor tried to run the interference, and would fend off TJP before trying to break the hold.

Connors would take multiple kicks to the chest and not release the hold, but a head kick left him dazed. Taylor pulled Romero to the corner, tagged in and picked up where he started. Connors wouldn’t have much against Taylor, with TJP needing that tag in.

TJP Evens The Odd

Taylor & Romero would isolate the Young Lion, and show some good tag team chemistry with double team moves. Connors would see a glimmer of hope after getting Romero with a scoop powerslam, and TJP would be able to enter the match. TJP would take Taylor down with a springboard forearm followed by a swinging DDT. The lift into double knees to the chest would get a two count.

Connors would tag himself in, and we’d see a Doomsday Device blockbuster into a Jackknife style pin from this duo, a move they perfected during the Super Junior Tag League. Taylor would manage to kick out at 2 however, but would be in trouble as he’d be the one isolated. Connors would be sent into his partner though, and Romero set up the Forever Lariats, but got run through with a spear in the end.

With Romero and Connors out of the picture, Taylor looked for the Gaio Lock, but TJP rolled into a pinning predicament. TJP would get Taylor up on his shoulders, and this one was through. After 9 minutes and 47 seconds of action, TJP would nab the win using the Detonation Kick on Rust Taylor.

Both Connors & Taylor showed they’re just as good as the established NJPW guys in this match. Following the match, Romero would call Taylor a chump, setting up a future match. Taylors impressed once again, will he beat Romero in his probable match? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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