Overused Wrestling Moves: The Canadian Destroyer

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Overused Wrestling Moves: The Canadian Destroyer

This week, we’re back with more overused wrestling moves. It’s hard to exactly say what moves are overused—unless you look at the origin of the move, it’s original intent, and the popularization of the move over the years. Let’s get into the Canadian Destroyer. 

Does It Belong In The Overused Wrestling Moves Hall of Fame? 

The Canadian Destroyer is one of those wrestling moves that aren’t totally overused but how quickly it was taken to bothered me. It’s not how fast the fans took to Petey Williams’ finisher, it’s how fast the move became a go-to move. A move good for a dazzling counter or just part of the match. 

Remember, when Williams popped this move he found a finisher that no one else was using. It was his Styles Clash. Once it hit national TV thanks to Williams being a part of the TNA roster and TNA scoring television with FSN, it was his move. More people saw him perform the move than anyone else using it. 

That’s the thing with finishers; a certain amount of time can pass before the originator of the move is recognized. Take the Air Raid Crash or the Vertebreaker—both of those wrestling moves came out of Japanese women’s wrestling. If anything, it at least shows that wrestlers do their research and are familiar with stuff outside of their national wrestling scenes. 

Appreciating the Canadian Destroyer 

It took me years to warm back up to the Canadian Destroyer. It’s used by multiple wrestlers sometimes as a finisher and sometimes as another move but its intent is as a finisher. I mean, it’s one of those moves that were a little too extra. The Canadian Destroyer comes to us via Petey Williams and depending on the wrestler it can either look trash or come off smooth as hell. 

Ricky Morton’s been using the move as a “Wow!” spot. When Williams did it, I was always stoked. I guess when I saw him less and less on TNA and others were doing the move elsewhere, I soured on it. Now, I’ve accepted it’s pretty much one of a number of overused wrestling moves.  

That said, if it’s pulled off as smooth as butter and actually ends a match, the Canadian Destroyer will always pop big for me.  

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