WWE Main Event Results: Jessi Kamea vs. Bianca Belair

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WWE Main Event Results: Jessi Kamea vs. Bianca Belair

After losing to Shayna Baszler last week, Jessi Kamea is back at it again as she tries to get their first win in WWE. This week, she’s gotta try to beat the EST of Main Event. Belair has been getting more time on Monday Night RAW, but why turn down an extra match to tune your skills?

Jessi Kamea Shows Potential Again

Last week she held her own against Baszler, and Kamea looked to do the same to Belair. The opening lockup wouldn’t start this well however, with Kamea being pushed into the corner. She’d win the next one, and it wouldn’t get a clean break, her slapping the chest of Belair.

Kamea would be shoved across the ring, and while she’d try for a School Boy pin. Belair would show her abilities by not just stopping the move, but backflipping out of it. Running Kamea down with a shoulder block, Belair had complete control of this match.

Even when Kamea fought back, she’d end up right in a hard cravate. Breaking that, she’d be run down with a lariat. Kamea would counter a scoop slam, and get a nice dropkick off, sending Belair to the ropes.

Running in, she’d be sent over the top, and try to come back with a sunset flip but would be stopped again. However, a stomp attempt from Belair would hurt the right knee. This wouldn’t slow her down much though, as she ran her shoulder hard into Kamea then threw her across the ring.

Bianca Belair Never Was In Danger

Belair would lift up Kamea for a scoop slam and do squats while holding her up. This would be followed with a splash to the back, but Kamea would make one final rush. That would end with the Glam Slam into the corner, the Kiss Of Death, and the match was through.

This was an easy win for Belair, and while Kamea shows potential? She’s not the EST of WWE. Do you see a good future for Jessi Kamea in WWE? Will she be able to make a name for herself in NXT? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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