WWE NXT Results: Dexter Lumis vs. Finn Balor vs. Timothy Thatcher

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Now that the NXT North American Championship is vacant, we’re building to a huge ladder match to name a new champion at NXT Takeover XXX. Last week, Bronson Reed defeated Roderick Strong & Johnny Gargano to become the first man to join. This week, Dexter Lumis, Timothy Thatcher & Finn Balor all look to be the next to join this match. Who would advance?

Dexter Lumis Is In His Element

This would take a different tone than last week’s fast paced affair. Balor & Thatcher would get into it, while Lumis stared a hole through them. He’d pick his spot, and then throw them out of the ring and flip over the ropes, landing on his feet! He apparently kidnapped Ricochet and stole his skills. 

Lumis would drop both men with lariats, proving to possibly be the favorite in this match as he hit a backdrop driver on Balor. Thatcher would be thrown out the ring, not in his element in a triple threat at all. Meanwhile, Balor would try to pick Lumis apart with stomps to the ankle. 

Thatcher would try to get into this match with a Belly To Belly Suplex, and then apply a double wrist lock, but had to break it to deal with Balor. Lumis would drop Thatcher throat first on the ropes, but be dropped by Balor who’d go to the top, but be knocked off by Thatcher as the commercial break came. 

During it through picture in picture, we saw Thatcher work on Lumis in the ring with submissions until Balor distracted him. Balor would take control with aggressive kicks on the apron, before he’d be dropped by Lumis. Thatcher would regain control, this time grinding down Balor.

Balor Shows His Heart

Balor would break a chinlock with a jawbreaker, only to be caught with a European Uppercut, but he’d nearly get the win with an Inside Cradle. Thatcher did his best to control the match, keeping Lumis out of the ring while abusing Balor. However, submissions aren’t the best choice in a triple threat, as you can’t focus on one opponent and one limb. 

It doesn’t help that Lumis doesn’t stay down, and would get back in the ring to take out both men with a series of strikes. Balor would hit his greatest hits on both men, but Thatcher would crotch him on the post as he set up the shotgun dropkick. 

He’d apply a submission on the apron, but Lumis slipped out and broke the hold. Hitting a spinebuster in the middle of the ring, Thatcher would be in trouble. He’d try to lock in Silence, but the submission expert wouldn’t allow it. 

Thatcher Loses Sight Of One Opponent

Lumis would take a chop to the face, but a uranage would drop Thatcher into Silence. Balor would break it up with Coup De Grace and look for the pinfall on Lumis. Thatcher would break this up, trap Balor with an ankle lock in the middle of the ring. Lumis crept behind him, and made Thatcher pass out with Silence! 

Dexter Lumis will now join Bronson Reed in the NXT North American Championship ladder match in his NXT Takeover debut. Are we looking at our next North American Champion? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below. 

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