WWE NXT Results: Keith Lee Addresses Karrion Kross

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We now know what Keith Lee’s next test as NXT Champion is going to be Karrion Kross. From Kross watching as Lee won the title from Cole, to dismantling Lee’s best friend in Dominic Dijakovic last week on NXT, he’s got a clear focus. After watching Dijakovic be beat down last week, Keith Lee has some words for Kross. 

Keith Lee Lays Down The Challenge

He’d make his way down the ring, but not give much time to Bask in his Glory. 

“Let’s get something straight. We can talk all day about Dijak telling me no, that he wanted it. In reality Dijak is a grown man and is going to be just fine. On the other hand, this man who thinks the sound of sand is the sound of a clock. Kross, you clearly made it a point that you want me and this championship, and you’ve done so much extra bullshit. All of our extra bullshit means nothing if you can’t come face me face to face.” 

He’d call for Kross to come see him, but said he didn’t have the balls to face Lee. Kross would be called out… and instead we got Cameron Grimes! Lee would look visibly annoyed. 

Cameron Grimes Comes… And There He Goes! 

Grimes would come into the ring and say he’s taking the NXT Championship, and he’s going straight to the moon. Lee wouldn’t look at Grimes until he grabbed him by the throat and threw him into the ring with one arm. He’d run him into the corner, then the lights would go dim as Scarlett would make her way to the ramp. 

Grimes would use this to try and hit the Cave In on Lee, but he got a Spirit Bomb instead, nearly bouncing to the moon. Kross would come on the screen. 

He’d berate Lee for standing by and doing nothing as Dijak suffered. Kross gave Lee choices: you give him a shot at the NXT Championship, or someone else will suffer. 

Lee would tell Kross to pick the time and place for his ass kicking. This is one champion you can not push around. Will this be our Takeover XXX main event? Did someone have to scrap Cameron Grimes off the mat? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below. 

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