WWE Raw Preview (7/6) – MVP, Bobby Lashley, and Apollo Crews Feud Builds for Extreme Rules

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This is an odd one as it’s difficult to figure out which way it’s going to go, and that’s making it very interesting and fun to watch. The last few weeks on WWE Raw, we’ve watched Apollo Crews refuse MVP’s offers to manage him, and then stand up to MVP when push came to shove.

Last week, MVP beat Crews in their match, which would indicate they’re going to have a match at Extreme Rules, if we go by standard WWE booking over the last year or so. And while this is enticing, MVP had previously retired from in ring action aside from the occasional match,  and because of that, we don’t see him winning the United States Championship for more than a couple of weeks at most, and that could hurt Crews as he’s proving to be everything advertised.

It’s obvious the WWE is finally pushing some of their younger talent, and it’s great to see. That being the case, having Bobby Lashley challenge for the United States Championship feels off to us for the same reason as MVP winning it — it’d hurt Crews.

A great challenger and champion

We’ve been fans of Bobby Lashley since his career began, and we’d love to see him win a championship and go on a well-deserved dominate run.

He’d be awesome as a champion and would really be a credible foe for anyone to overcome, which would put them over. In this way, it could help Crews if he’d win the US Championship at Extreme Rules as Crews would then begin his crusade to reclaim what’s rightfully his.

Unfortunately, we’ve seen this tactic fall flat recently with Ricochet and Samoa Joe as those matches quickly lost steam and so did the feud. It mainly goes back to the former champion has to lose in a heartbreaking way and rebuild himself to the level where he’s capable of defeating the champion.

But that’ll take time and would be a different scenario. Right now, Crews is being pushed back and is teetering on the edge. He’s in the hero role where he’s going to be forced to overcome great pains and challenges to retain his championship. If he loses, his run as champion was a fluke, and he’ll do everything he can to prove it otherwise and by that time Vince McMahon could become bored of Crews, as he has allegedly done toward several wrestlers recently.

This is just our opinion, but having Crews succeed through a quick pin or an interference tactic backfire seems the better way to keep this feud going through Extreme Rules and into the next pay-per-view since Lashley wouldn’t let that go and Crews would have reason not to refuse a title defense in a steel cage or something along those lines.

Until then, we may see a tag team match between MVP and Bobby Lashley vs. Ricochet and Cedric Alexander. It feels like something the WWE would do as they’re in the habit of faction wars of late.

Should be an interesting show.

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