WWE Smackdown Preview – Expected changes; Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville Feud

Sheamus toasts Jeff Hardy, Intercontinental Championship - AJ Styles vs. Drew Gulak

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WWE Smackdown Preview – Expected changes; Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville Feud

Since the recent COVID-19 outbreak, the WWE has shifted and changed their plans in a way that makes sense to them, but not to most others. That’s okay since it generally doesn’t bother us as long as they put on a good show. Last week’s WWE Smackdown was a tribute show to the Undertaker, so that was permissible. Unfortunately, they failed to move Jeff Hardy’s story along as he defended the Undertaker against Baron Corbin.

Because of that, our preview of Sheamus’ toast is expected this week, as well as the Intercontinental Championship Match between IC champion AJ Styles and Drew Gulak.

While we fully expect to see AJ Styles (c) vs. Drew Gulak, there is also the possibility at seeing Jeff Hardy and Sheamus mix it up. Maybe in a tag match. AT this point, it’s difficult to figure out what the WWE is planning.

Mandy Rose vs. Sonya Deville

This has been a rivalry that has slowed in recent weeks following the termination of the writer responsible for the storyline. While we’ve seen a couple of appearances, they’ve been brief aside from their last encounter on Miz TV a couple of weeks back.

It was supposed to be a Mandy Rose only episode, but Miz had a surprise for her and called Sonya Deville out for a fun little confrontation. After a brief exchange, Rose and Deville soon found themselves in a good old fashioned brawl.

Despite taking the brunt of it early, Rose fought back and forced Deville to retreat while Miz and Morrison ran interference. Since she was denied putting the final touches on her former best friend, and for his role in tricking Rose into this segment, she gave the Miz a good smack for his trouble.

This has been an interesting feud as it also helped to elevate fan favorite Otis. The problem is a continuation in Mandy and Deville’s feud has been teased a few times, but it seemed like it was put to bed after Rose lose to Deville a couple of times in the ring and the focus shifted more to Otis than these two instead of working both angles simultaneously.

Of course, the separation may have had something to do with the writer being released, and it appears the creative team may have either figured out how to continue it or realized they left it floating in the breeze.

On the plus side, this bit on Miz TV has injected new life into it, and we may finally get to see the conclusion of the feud either at tonight’s WWE Smackdown (7/3) or at Extreme Rules and the par can move onto new and bigger things. Personally, we’d love to see Deville built up for a run at the Women’s Championship (whichever brand since the split doesn’t seem to matter anymore). While Mandy Rose is talented, there’s an unspoken intensity with Sonya Deville that begs to be given more of the spotlight. Who knows, these two could always restart their feud over a championship. It would definitely add some spice to things.

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