WWE Smackdown Recap (7/3) – Bayley Beats Alexa Bliss by Disqualification

Bayley won by DQ when Nikki Cross attacked her

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WWE Smackdown Recap (7/3) - Bayley Beats Alexa Bliss by Disqualification

Sasha Banks and Bayley come out to boos from the enhancement talent.

Bayley starts out talking about how Banks beat Asuka on Monday Night Raw, but refused to talk about their stop at NXT. Bayley then adds how they should now be called “Sasha Three Shows” and “Bayley Three Brand” because they are on everything, every show and they still get no respect.

They had to add that the Undertaker has tons of respect for them.

Bayley claims he called her after the show saying he was embarrassed for the fuss over him when she’s clearly the best champion in history, and how she and Banks are redefining what it takes to be champion.

Their tribute video was really well done, with some self-promotion added in.

Banks claimed Bayley is better than Trish Stratus, John Cena, and Lita. This should get a reaction.

They started a chant thanking each other when Alexi Bliss’ music started and she and Nikki Cross came out.

Bliss and Cross then read off their own list of accomplishments, which included Cross being Queen of Scotland and 355 in line for England’s throne. Cross shared that Bliss is the epitome of a champion and made history as the first woman to drive across Antarctica in a golf cart.

They climbed into the ring and asked in Bayley and Banks know how ridiculous they sound and look.

After a brief exchange, Bliss smacked Bayley and knocked her down. Banks then volunteered Bayley to give Cross a preview of Extreme Rules. Nice turnaround for Sasha Banks after all the times she’s been volunteered.

Alexa Bliss vs. Bayley

The match starts out with Bliss gaining the upper hand following a couple of drop kicks.

After rushing at Bayley in the corner, Bayley caught Bliss’ slap, so Bliss booped Bayley’s nose and slapped her with her other hand.

Bayley turned the tide after kicking out following a standing moonsault, and Bayley focused on Bliss’s arm. Cole mentioned Bayley’s relentless attack despite her attacking for a few seconds in the matth to this point. Gotta love him.

Bayley maintained control, but was nearly pinned with a surprise rollup when she was busy mocking Nikki Cross.

Bliss kicked out after having her other arms banged against the ring apron, and again after suffering a bulldog by Bayley.

Cross nearly entered the ring after Bayley taunted her, causing Bliss to be double teamed from behind. Cross then took out Banks and nailed Bayley, disqualifying Bliss.

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