WWE Smackdown Recap (7/3) Matt Riddle Beat John Morrison

Riddle rolled Morrison up for the win after Corbin and Miz’s distractions failed

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WWE Smackdown Recap (7/3) Matt Riddle Beat John Morrison

As the match starts, King Corbin joins the announce table and Cole accused him of running Raw into the ground and berated him for speaking ill of the undertaker last week.

The match was a quick exchange of moves early on, but Morrison altered the match with a punch. Riddle hits with two gut wrench suplexes before Morrison counted the third one into a near onning combination.

Riddle counters Morrison’s kick into an ankle lock, but Morrison makes it to the ropes. Morrison then hits with a kick off the ropes and followed it up with a neckbreaker but Riddle kicked out at two.

They exchanged punches before Morrison hit a corkscrew crossbody off the ropes, but Riddle kicked out.

Just won’t quit

Riddle kicked out after a running knee, and Morrison’s frustration grew.

Just like that, Riddle stops selling Morrison’s kicks and slaps, and Morrison pulled off his elbow pad and poked him in the eyes. Riddle counted with a suplex and both are down for a ten count.

They get up at seven and Morrison drops Riddle out of the ring. When he gets up, Riddle smacks Corbin across the face with his flip flop, but the referee stops Corbin from getting into the ring.

We come back from commercial with Morrison and Riddle in the ring and Corbin now at ringside.

Riddle almost pins Morrison following a Bro to Sleep, but Morrison kicked out

Morrison then got his knees up when Riddle tried to hit a splash off the top rope.

Morrison hit with a spinning Razor’s Edge, but Riddle kicked out again.

As Morrison was complaining, Riddle slapped on the Bro-Mission, but Morrison reached the ropes and the pair exchange suplexes and headlocks n the second rope.

Morrison reversed Riddle’s suplex then hit with Standing Spanish Fly, but Riddle kicked out again.

Exchanging kicks and punches, Riddle hits with a knee, a powerbomb, and a running knee but Morrison kicked out.

After distractions by Miz and Corbin failed, Riddle rolled Morrison up in a small package for the win.

Outside the ring, Styles attacked Riddle from behind, and Drew Gulak attacked Styles, setting off a brawl before the Intercontinental Championship Match.

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