AEW Dynamite Results: Matt Hardy vs. Sammy Guevara [Tables Match]

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AEW Dynamite Results: Matt Hardy vs. Sammy Guevara [Tables Match]

For weeks now, Matt Hardy & Sammy Guevara have been attacking each other on sight, like a couple of rapid dogs. Hardy has been busted open with a chair and put through a table, and Guevara got some receipts from this last Saturday on Dynamite. Now they will clash in a Tables match, something new to AEW but that Matt Hardy knows all about. Who would be sent through a table first?

A Quick Start To A Violent Fight

Guevara before the match would come out with his signature cards during picture in picture, to send a message to Matt Hardy. You can’t delete a spanish god, but can you send one through a table?

Action would start fast after Hardy got to the ring, with this one being a wild brawl from the start. Guevara would kick Hardy in the head right where there are thirteen stitches from Guevara. Hardy would fight back and throw him over the top rope, and they’d brawl in the crowd. Guevara would be thrown towards the barricade and jump clean over, and barely dodge a chair thrown his way.

A jumping knee strike would nail Hardy, and he’d be hit with the Feast Your Eyes. Hardy would be bleeding from the mouth, and propped on the table, with Guevara diving over the top rope! Sadly, Hardy would dodge and Guevara was sent through the table by himself, busting himself open.

Sammy Guevara Won’t Be Deleted

Back in the ring, Hardy would hit the Side Effect with both men already bloody and exhausted. Some quick kicks would stun Hardy, but he’d hit another Side Effect on the apron this time. Guevara would be propped on the table, and Hardy would hit an elbow drop off the apron and crash through the table, missing Guevara.

A chair would be brought into the ring by Guevara, but he’d have it used against him. Hardy would hit a Twist Of Fate with the chair, and grab a table with Deleted written across it. Guevara would be set on it, but Hardy couldn’t get to the top rope before Guevara reached him. One big superplex through the table, and this one was over. It was a short and violent match, and one of the biggest wins of Guevara’s career.

Following this, Orange Cassidy would come from the outside and attack Jericho on commentary, closing this show out with a huge brawl ahead of their match at All Out. Do you think Matt Hardy will look for a rematch against Sammy Guevara? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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