AEW Dynamite Results: MJF Gives Campaign Update

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AEW Dynamite Results: MJF Gives Campaign Update

The AEW Championship will be defended at All Out, with none other than MJF finally getting his shot. Since AEW came into existence, he’s never been pinned, and has never tapped out. There are losses on his record, but just try to ignore those. Tag team losses when Wardlow drops the ball or Triple Threats don’t count. He’s undefeated, just ask Griff Garrison.

MJF has since started up a campaign to cite why he should be AEW Champion, and how the company deserves better. His podium would be set up in the ring, and we’d get an update on his campaign for a better All Elite Wrestling.

MJF Lets Us Know The Updated Poll Results

He’d first thank the crowds, and once again ask for them to use his hashtags. Those are #MJF2020 and #NotMyChampion of course. Before he got going in the speech, he’d berate his assistant Nina for not smiling wildly like she’s got a gun to her back.

MJF would showcase his polling numbers, showing him at 500% support while Moxley is at -1000%. The numbers don’t lie, and they spell disaster for Moxley at Sacrifice or All Out, whichever show, it doesn’t matter. Point is, MJF is the heavy favorite going into this match according to Americans. You gotta love it.

But he’s not here to talk about numbers, and the AEW faithful better get ready for their faith in their leader to die. Dictator Jon made it clear he doesn’t care about us, because he’s not here. MJF is here though, and will always be here.

He’s man enough to admit he’s responsible for Dictator Jon not being here, he’s afraid of MJF after all. It’s understandable after all, he’s not used to dealing with someone so much more talented than him, someone who won’t happily look at the lights for him willingly.

MJF would lay on the mat and goad Moxley to come out, saying he didn’t start this campaign to start beef with him. He just wants better leadership in AEW, which Moxley isn’t. He’s a great wrestler, just not a leader.

MJF just wants Moxley to hand him the keys to AEW over, because he’s better than him, and we all deserve better.

Jon Moxley Is Here

Just as MJF finished his speech, Moxley’s music would hit. MJF would scramble to his feet, fear in his eyes as he sent his men to where Moxley came out from, up by the stairs. However, Moxley is smarter than this, and came out of the stage for once.

MJF would be attacked from behind, and beat down. He’d be thrown into his podium, and drilled into the mat with a Paradigm Shift. Moxley would leave MJF staring at the lights, and grab a microphone from the backstage area.

He would ensure MJF knows this doesn’t make them even, MJF slammed him with a title belt last week and almost cost him the title in the process after all. They won’t be even until All Out, when Moxley teaches MJF a painful lesson in humility.

Moxley has a different way of sending a message, he’s a man of action instead of empty words. Who do you want to see leave All Out with the AEW Championship? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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