Impact Wrestling Results and Recap (8/18) – Emergence Night One – Tag Team Grudge Match – The Good Brothers (Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows) Defeated Ace Austin and Madman Fulton

Anderson pinned Austin after hitting with the Magic Killer

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Impact Wrestling Results and Recap (8/18) - Emergence Night One - Tag Team Grudge Match - The Good Brothers (Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows) Defeated Ace Austin and Madman Fulton

Impact Wrestling Results and Recap are backstage where we find Reno Scum handing the roll of money they took from Rhino last week to Hernandez, and Hernandez handed over his payment.

Reno Scum thought he was short changing them, so he gave them more, and then told them he may have more work for them.

Eric Young’s new philosophy

We returned from commercial to a promo by Eric Young saying he’s seen it all and he’s done it all.

He was elite before being elite was cool.

He added this is him in his purest form.

He refuses to be told he’s not good enough. He won’t be pushed aside or swept under the rug. He won’t be ignored.

He added it’ll take more than two years of not getting what he wants. This is for him, and him alone.

Brian Myers disrespects Willie Mack

Backstage, Willie Mack was interviewed about where his head is after the last couple of weeks.

Mack said that Swann is his best friend and he’s trying to figure it out when Brien Myers grabbed the cameraman and dragged him and Jimmy with and demanded he ask him anything.

When Jimmy had nothing to ask, Myers asked where did listening to veterans get him? Fired with his wife pregnant.

He took a shot at Vince McMahon by referring to him as an out of touch 76 year old man.

He said he was taking his career into his own hands when Willie Mack attacked him. We’re feeling a match or feud coming up after Myers disrespect.


We returned again with Heath appearing and criticizing Joe Biden for choosing his running mate on a Tuesday when Impact if the only thing that should happen on a Tuesday.

He wants to get #Heath4Impact trending so he can help Rhino.

Tag team Grudge match – Ace Austin and Madman Fulton vs. The Good Brothers (Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows)

This is another one we’ve been waiting for, and Anderson and Austin got it started.

Anderson hit with a couple of shots to Austin and was then thrown into a corner before he got an eye rake and some kicks in.

Anderson quickly turned it around, and Gallows came in and mauled Austin in their corner while Fulton was desperate to get into the ring.

Austin rolled Anderson up for a near pinfall, then his with a few shots before tagging Madman Fulton in.

Fulton choked Anderson out on the ropes, then glared at Gallows before throwing Anderson back into their corner for Austin to his with a dropkick and another near pinfall.

Anderson back Austin into his corner and Gallows came in, and threw Austin into the corner with one arm, before Austin dodged a charge and tagged in Fulton.

The big men exchanged clotheslines and punches until Gallows gained the upper hand.

Fulton reversed an Irish whip into the corner, and pounded on Gallows before tagging in Austin.

Gallows nailed Austin with an uppercut, and casually tagged in Anderson, then hit with a splash and Anderson followed it with a kick to Austin in their corner.

Fulton distracted Anderson and Austin hit with a dropkick to the back of his head.

Fulton came in and worked Anderson over on the ropes, choking and hammering on Anderson.

Fulton then bodyslammed Anderson on Austin’s raised knees for a near pin.

Austin then locked in a arm bar before using a card on Anderson’s hand.

Fulton slammed Anderson into Austin’s raised knees a second time for a near pinfall, but Anderson slipped out of the third attempt and took out Fulton’s legs.

Anderson hit Austin with a spinebuster to gain breathing room and tagged in Gallows.

Gallows leveled Austin with a shoulder tackle and knocked Fulton off the apron.

They had Autin up for their Magic Killer, but Fulton broke it up, and threw Gallows outside the ring.

Gallows pulled Fulton out of the ring, and Fulton threw Gallows into the ring post.

Austin hit Anderson with a heel kick, and Fulton hit him with a clothesline, but Anderson still kicked out.

Anderson fought back as he and Austin exchange blows before Anderson nailed Fulton, then was caught with a kick from Austin.

Fulton pulled Gallows off the apron, but Gallows sent him over the barrier.

The Good Brother hit Austin with the Magic Killer for the pin.

This was a great match, and Impact Wrestling Results and Recap hope to see more between these four.

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