Impact Wrestling Results and Recap (8/25) – Emergence Night 2 – Eddie Edwards and Eric Young next week; Rhino Calls out Reno Scum; Sami Callihan Challenged Rob Van Dam

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Impact Wrestling Results and Recap (8/25) – Emergence Night 2 - Eddie Edwards and Eric Young next week; Rhino Calls out Reno Scum; Sami Callihan Challenged Rob Van Dam

Impact Wrestling Results and Recap return backstage where Edwards was looking for Eric Young, calling out his name and demanding to know where he was.

Elsewhere, Rhino challenged Reno Scum for a tag team match next week for taking his money.

He said he want’s Heath to be his partner, so we need to let Impact management know with #Heath4Impact.

Back in the ring

Edwards ran out to the ring and grabbed a mic and said that clearly Eric Young has been trying to send a message.

He added that Young now has his attention, and he accepted Young’s challenge and demanded Young come out to face him then and there instead of next week.

Young came out to the ramp smiling, but stopped there.

Young pointed out how Edwards was playing checkers while Young’s playing chess. He told Edwards that everything that’s happened is by Young’s design.

The added that while Edwards and the others want to think what happened to Rich Swann was an accident, but it wasn’t. It was a single beautiful moment that Young was planning for a long time.

Young added that they’ll face each other next week, just like he planned.

Edwards promised to whip him there and then, and ran out of the ring.

They went after each other and rolled down the ramp as officials ran out.

In his fury, Edwards shoved Scott D’Amore down before they were finally separated and Young left the ring area, promising he’ll beat Edwards next week.

Hints for next week

We returned with the new X Division Champion Rohit Raju being interviewed.

He said Chris Bey was crossed off the Desi Hitman’s list. He added that he’s been a victim of the backstage politics, and he’ll give everyone what he never had – opportunity for all.

Locker Room Talk

Madison Rayne mentioned that part of her hoped that Johnny Swinger might never come back, and she introduced her cohosts, the Rascalz.

Dez mentioned that her set reminded them of the treehouse, and Madison asked if they have plants?

After informing them none of their usual herbage is on her show, she introduced Ace Austin and Madman Fulton.

Fulton sat on the sofa to a chorus of, “No, no, no, no” by the Rascalz.

Austin replied, “If he fits, he sits.” The Rascalz were squeezed out of their seat and had to sit on the chair’s arm.

Rayne asked how they were doing after their loss to the Good Brothers last week, and while Austin was answering, the Rascalz shared a laugh at their loss.

Fulton took exception to it, and a fun exchange between him and the Rascals ended with Fulton throwing them back on the sofa.

They then invited Rayne to come to the treehouse, and she refused with an, “Absolutely not.”

Callihan on the brain

Sami Callihan cut a promo that 2020 in a nutshell is Sami Callihan being screwed. He pointed out how if it hadn’t been for RVD, he would be the world champion.

He added how RVD had no excuse, but he kept looking over his shoulder. He said he’s in their heads, and said next week he’s going to be in the ring and they can meet him there so he can kick RVD’s a$$.

He then gave a thumb’s down.

EC3 needs to destroy the TNA championship

EC3 cut a promo about his past and his big win over Kurt Angle, and how the intimate moment he shared was one he can’t let go.

He said it’s the last time he was really happy and he still can’t let go.

He added that he gave everything, and all he wanted was pride, respect, and love, but he got pain, regret, and hate.

He claimed as long as the physical represents everything he hates.

He then called out Moose for being a false idol (wrestling god), but he admitted he has potential to be like him.

EC3 ended it by saying he has to let go, he has to destroy the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.

He said while holding it, he doesn’t know how to destroy it.

He concluded by saying the only way he can be free is by destroying the past and the title.

We’ve been warned.

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