WWE NXT Results: Isaiah ‘Swerve’ Scott vs. Santos Escobar [NXT Cruiserweight Championship Match]

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WWE NXT Results: Isaiah 'Swerve' Scott vs. Santos Escobar [NXT Cruiserweight Championship Match]

Back during the tournament to name an interim Cruiserweight Champion, Isaiah ‘Swerve’ Scott would be the only man to stop El Hijo Del Fantasma. Following his eventual victory of the tournament and the championship, he’d unmask and become Santos Escobar. However, the fact remains that Swerve beat him, and is the only true threat to him and his title at this time.

After getting win after win, Swerve finally gets his shot at Escobar. Escobar would send his partners Raul Mendoza & Joaquin Wilde to the back, not being able to help push their leader towards a victory. Would this make it Swerves time to shine, or was there a plan in mind?

Swerve Finally Gets His Hands On Escobar

Action would start fast, with Swerve running up the ropes and hitting a flipping arm drag, sending Escobar to the outside. Swerve would get ready for the pump kick, but Escobar slipped away, having this scouted as we went to an early commercial break.

When we’d come back to this match, Escobar was in control with a headlock, not even breaking the hold after being hit with a back suplex. Swerve would manage to get out eventually and hit a big vertical suplex, before going for a modified Gory Special. The lucha libre expert would nearly be pinned after this moved into a pin, but would rally back after kicking out.

Swerve is tricky however, slipping into an armbar on Escobar who would quickly escape to the apron. Following to stay on the attack, Swerve would be thrown into the plexiglass and beat down on the outside, being sent back into the ring much weaker than before. This match would go into a methodical pace, which benefits the champion.

A running double knee strike to a cornered Swerve would get a near fall, and the assault would continue with some heavy headbutts. They’d battle with wrist control and somehow end up on the second rope, where Escobar would counter an avalanche hurricanrana into a powerbomb for a near fall.

Santos Escobar Has Tricks Up His Sleeve, Or In His Mask?

Escobar would hit an elevated Manhattan Drop and a running knee strike, before trash talking his challenger. This would piss Swerve off, and he’d hit his next gear, unloading on the champion finally. Escobar would be sent to the mat, and would be hit with the diving european uppercut, go to the outside and be kicked in the face. Swerve would hit a moonsault over the top rope to drop the champ, before sending him into the ring for a rolling Flatliner.

At this time, Wilde & Mendoza would distract the referee and allow Escobar to get a near fall, but our new NXT Tag Team Champions Breezango would run them off, bringing this back to one on one. Swerve would hit a German Suplex and get a near fall, and set up the House Call kick, nailing it. This would get a close two count, with Escobar hard to drop.

Swerve would hit the confidence booster in the corner, but Escobar got the ropes to break the pin. Escobar slipped to the outside, put on a luchador mask and headbutted Swerve, knocking him out. The pin would be easy, and Escobar retains.

You’ve seen loaded gloves in matches, but this seems to be a loaded mask. Should Swerve get a comeback after this dirty win? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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