WWE NXT Results: What’s Next For Damien Priest?

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WWE NXT Results: What's Next For Damien Priest?

At NXT Takeover XXX, Damien Priest would win a hectic five man ladder match to become the new North American Champion. He will soon learn though, that winning the belt is the easy part sometimes. Just days away from the biggest win of his career, we will get some insight into what is next for the Archer Of Infamy.

Timothy Thatcher Wants A Shot At The North American Champion

We’d catch up with Damien Priest backstage, who says the after party of his win was still going on. He’d be confronted by Timothy Thatcher, who called him an embarrassment with how he carries himself as a champion. Where’s the grit? Where’s the skill in climbing a ladder to become a champion?

Without ladders, he would be ill equipped to beat someone like Thatcher, who would out wrestle him with ease. Thatcher wants the first shot at Damien Priest, but Priest doesn’t even know who he is. Could that just be the effects of alcohol after his multi day championship celebration? Or is Priest really this arrogant? It’s yet to be seen at this point, but this would be an incredible matchup.

Bronson Reed Also Wants A Shot At Damien Priest, Austin Theory Is Back In NXT

While Thatcher wants a shot at Priest, Reed has a better claim to this, having recently beaten Damien Priest in a singles match. He’d have an interview backstage, but would be cut off by Austin Theory, who would brag about making it to Wrestlemania at just 22 years old. Theory was recently on Monday Night RAW, aligned with Seth Rollins but is back in NXT where he belongs. He’d be slapped in the face, and Reed would stomp off.

This established three promising challengers for Damien Priest, with Thatcher, Reed & Theory all providing different challenges for the champion. Reed has the best claim at a shot, being the only man who has beaten the champion. We’ve also never seen Thatcher face Priest, or Theory either for that matter. Who should get the first shot at Priest? Should it be decided in a triple threat match? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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