WWE Raw Results and Recap (8/10) – Mickie James Returns; McIntyre Knows Orton, Peyton Royce Defeated Liv Morgan

Royce attacked a distracted Morgan and pinned her.

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WWE Raw Results and Recap (8/10) – Mickie James Returns; McIntyre Knows Orton, Peyton Royce Defeated Liv Morgan

There was a breaking news segment for a few minutes earlier where a WWE official tried to stop Retribution from throwing a cinder block through a door window that interrupted WWE Raw Results and Recap’s viewing.

The official backed off when told too, and the cinder block broke the window and they ran off cheering.

Oh yay. So exciting. Please not the sarcasm.

Mickie James returns

Back from commercial, Mickie James was welcomed back to Raw backstage with an announcement for the WWE Universe.

She said how leadership is needed, and gold is on her mind.

Natalya and Lana (in matching outfits) interrupted her, and mocked her while Natalya cited her record.

Lana then realized, “Oh, my God. Best of all time. B.O.A.T.” Then together, they said, “Hashtag BOAT.”

James looked bored and pointed out how she’d expect that from Lana, but not from Natalya who “rode the coattails of her family to fame.”

She then added that boat sink and they need to hashtag that.

After James left, Natalya and Lana called her rude in unison and sounded very Valley Girl-ish.

This… is going to be interesting.

A recap of last week’s Raw Underground ended with Ivar explaining how he slam dunked the basketball when Rick, Ricochet and Cedric Alexander interrupted him about their tag match.

She said it was her fault for keeping him because he’s cute, and she pointed out that Erik is “not too much.

Ricochet and Alexander tried to contain themselves, but failed.

Eight man Tag Team Match – Ricochet, Cedric Alexander, Viking Raiders (Erik and Ivar) vs. Akira Tozawa and three ninjas

Ricochet started against Ninja #1 and hit with the Karate Kid’s Crane.

Alexander took out Ninja #2, and Erik and Ivar took out Ninja #2.

Ninja #3 and Tozawa decided to fight later and left.

So Ninja #2 ate the Viking Experience for the pin by Erik.

24/7 Championship – R-Truth vs. Akira Tozawa (c)

R-Truth was revealed at Ninja #3 when a referee wouldn’t let Tozawa to leave. Truth rolled him up to win the 24/7 Championship for his 38th title reign.

Even WWE Raw Results and Recap need a comedic break from time to time.

McIntyre knows Orton

Backstage Drew McIntyre was asked about if he still stood by his words to Randy Orton last week, and will he watch Orton and Owens’ match.

He answered that he doesn’t say something he doesn’t mean, and that he realized the reason Orton never shares his information is self preservation.

He added that if Orton lets go of the torch he’s a thing of the past, and at SummerSlam, McIntyre plans to rip the torch from his hands. “Randy, evolution has passed you by.”

When asked about if Owens wins, McIntyre said if that happens then he and Owens will have a talk about the future of Monday Night Raw.

Liv Morgan (w/Ruby Riott) vs. Peyton Royce (w/Billie Kay)

Well, the new Iiconic image of being more aggressive is gone and they’re back to their old selves.

The match started with Morgan and Royce exchanging blows. Morgan caught Royce’s kick and took her down.

Royce managed to get to her feet and hit Morgan with a knee before throwing her outside the ring.

Morgan bounced Royce’s head off the ring a couple of time, and then threw her in the ring.

Morgan ran into a spinning kick, and Royce hammered on her until Morgan countered a clothesline into a rollup for a near pinfall.

Morgan than caught Royce in the corner with a double kick.

Billie kay tried to get involved and Riott backed her off, but the referee and Morgan thought Riott was getting involved.

Royce then hit Morgan from behind and his with a slam for the win.

After the match and still in the ring, Riott kept telling Morgan she was sorry, but Morgan backed away from her to the ropes.

This isn’t going to help them work out their issues, but we’re sure they’ll work through it.

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