WWE Raw Results and Recap (8/17) – Apollo Crews Defeated Shelton Benjamin

Crews rolled up a distracted Benjamin for the pin

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WWE Raw Results and Recap (8/17) – Apollo Crews Defeated Shelton Benjamin

WWE Raw Results and Recap return to the ring as the Enhancement talent slowly trickled into the audience section as MVP cam out with Bobby Lashley and Shelton Benjamin at his side.

MVP started out pointing out that McIntyre is working on a buddy season, then called out Retribution and said the Hurt Business is ready for business.

He mocked the rest of the WWE for hand wringing and worrying, then pointed out they have to attack people in the shadows, and they’re not tough.

He added he’s learned to follow the money, and asked who benefits most from Retribution.

His answer is in catering, and is the brainchild of Apollo Crews, Ricochet, Cedric Alexander, and Mustafa Ali.

He added Retribution showed up the same time he faces Crews for the United States Championship.

In the middle of MVP’s rant, Apollo Crews came out.

Crews said he knew MVP would be out there making excuses, but blaming him for Retribution is low even for him.

Crews added that he and Benjamin can’t beat him without any help.

MVP then compared Crews’ career to a raggedy old car — running hot and cold. He added that Crews is scared of losing the United States Championship.

Crews admitted that was true, but if he was like MVP he would’ve accepted his offer to join the Hurt Business.

He offered that if he beat Benjamin tonight, then Benjamin and Lashley will have to remain backstage at SummerSlam while he and MVP have their match.

Apollo Crews vs. Shelton Benjamin

We came back to the match already in progress.

Crews had a quick pin attempt, but Benjamin kicked out, then powered Crews into a corner where he hammered on him with knees and blows.

Benjamin went for another pin attempt after throwing Crews into the opposite corner.

Apollo countered a Pay Dirt for a spine buster and near pinfall.

Benjamin countered a Toss Power Bomb into a DDT for another near pinfall.

Benjamin was setting Crews up, but R-Truth and Akira Tozawa and his ninjas ran through the ring, distracting him.

Crews took advantage and rolled Benjamin up for the pin, but Lashley attacked Crews from behind.

Ali, Alexander, and Ricochet came out to even the odds.

Lashley locked in his full nelson on Alexander. Ali jumped on Lashley’s back and Crews managed to get him off Alexander, then tossed Lashley out of the ring.

With the faces heading up the ramp, R-Truth ran back to the ring where Benjamin hit him with a Big Boot for the win to reclaim the 24/7 Championship.

MVP then grabbed the mic and said they will not go out like that and be disrespected. He challenged Crews to find two friends for a 6 man tag team match later tonight.

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