Impact Wrestling Results (9/15) – Willie Mack Defeated Brian Myers

Mack hit his stunner for the pin after Myers ran into an exposed turnbuckle

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Impact Wrestling Results think this should be a good one after Mack lost two straight to Myers thanks to fast thinking cheating. Can’t Let’s see what Mack

Mack started it off by blocking Myer’s punch and hitting a few of his own, then hit with a hip toss off the ropes.

Mack followed it with a dropkick, and clotheslines Myers over the top rope, then leaped over the top, bt Myers caught him with a right, but it barely slowed Mack down.

Myers threw Mack into the ring apron, then hit with a Russian leg sweep on the ramp.

The referee was up to nine count when Mack rolled into the ring, and Myers met him with some stomps.

Myers then hit with a suplex slam for a near pinfall, then hit with a knee in the back and locked in a Million Dollar Dream type of sleeper hold.

Mack powered to his feet, then nailed Myers with a couple of strikes, but when he hit the ropes, Myers slipped under the ropes and tripped him.

Myers then hit with a knee and a near pinfall.

Myers pulled the turnbuckle padding off in front of the turnbuckle, but Mack stopped Myers from throwing him into it, but Myers still got him back down with some strikes.

Myers hit with a couple of knees for a near pinfall, then locked in a reverse chin lock.

Once again, Mack powered to his feet and hit with a back suplex to break the hold and get some space to collect himself.

Mack hit with a clothesline, spinning elbow, a big body slam, and leg drop for a near pinfall.

Myers slipped out of a slam attempt and hit a step up kick and a Falcon’s Arrow for another near pinfall.

Mack reversed a DDT into an Exploder Suplex that sent Myers out of the ring.

Mack went after him and threw Mack into the ring.

As Mack climbed in, Myers kicked the rope, causing a low blow and followed it with his signature DDT, but Mack kicked out of the pin attempt.

Myers climbed t the top of the exposed turnbuckle, but Mack caught him and after trading shots, Mack was pushed back to the mat.

Mack dodged Myers leap, then sidestepped Myers’ charge following is landing. Myers hit the exposed turnbuckle and kicked him and hit a stunner for the pin.

Rosemary’s search

Picking up from her conversation with Taya, Rosemary was backstage and pushed Navaeh aside to talk to Havok about the resurrection she needs for the demon wedding.

She said it requires either a virgin sacrifice of the cooperation of the murderer.

Havok refused, but Rosemary insisted, getting more aggressive each time, so Havok attacked her until Nevaeh pulled her away.

Rosemary didn’t look pleased and needs to find another way to resurrect James Mitchel.

Moose asks for help

Backstage, Moose approached Scott D/Amore about his TNA belt and how EC3 was stalking him.

Scott said he doesn’t have time to worry about Moose’ prop and someone that hasn’t wrestled there in years.

Scott tried to explain that maybe Moose was making it up and blowing things out of proportion, and they have enough madmen running around.

Moose seemed to believe him, but ECW appeared on the wall saying he thought the TNA Championship belt meant something to him and he threatened the belt again.

So, Moose called the Demo God (Chris Jericho) and asked for a favor about how to handle a stolen championship.

When he was finished, he said next time the bubbly is on him. Impact Wrestling Results loved this bit. It’s awesome how they work other companies into their storylines.

Meanwhile by an emergency exit, Moose thanked him and said next time the bubbly’s on him.

Elsewhere, Rhyno let Heath in and told him to follow his lead.

Jordynn Grace’s challenge

Tenille Dashwood was in the middle of a photoshoot when Jordynn Grace approached her and said she thought she was going to be at work today.

Grace told her that next week when she actually shows up for her job, Dashwood has a match with her.

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