Is Jeff Hardy Ready To Become A World Champion Again In WWE?

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aWhile it’s hard to not imagine him as one half of Team Extreme, Jeff Hardy has had an equally decorated singles run in wrestling. He’s won five Intercontinental Championships, and a combined six world heavyweight championships. Three of those came as part of Impact Wrestling, and three from WWE. With him having now signed a new deal with WWE, is he going to raise that to seven before long?

Jeff Hardy Is The Most Interesting Male Champion On Smackdown Right Now

Right now on Friday Night Smackdown, Roman Reigns is in his second reign as Universal Champion. While his previous run in 2018 showed serious promise before being stopped due to his battle with leukemia taking him out of action, the same can’t be said this time. WWE finally decided to turn him heel, only to saddle him with the Brock Lesnar role at the same time. With his next challenger being a noted tag team specialist who rarely wrestlers sinces matches in Jey Uso, it’s hard to get inspired by this run.

Meanwhile, Jeff Hardy is in his fifth reign as Intercontinental Champion, and in a feud with both AJ Styles & the returning Sami Zayn. This storyline is still brewing, but gets more exciting by the week, unlike what is happening in the main event scene. Once Hardy loses this championship, it won’t be hard to use his surge in popularity to send him against Reigns, and add some much needed excitement to the main event.

Out of the two singles champions on Smackdown in the men’s division, Hardy is the one that fans are actually enjoying, and he has never gotten to face Reigns one on one yet.

One Last Main Event Run

While you can’t argue Hardy being in his physical prime at this point, his mind for wrestling has only gotten greater. Recent matches like his Hell in A Cell classic with Randy Orton stand out, and he’s as popular as ever with fans because of it. He’s beaten back his personal demons and come out stronger than ever, meaning that WWE could trust him once again at the top.

Hardy once upon a time was WWE’s most popular name, at a time when he was his own worst enemy. Now, nearly a decade later, he’s being given the reins once again as Intercontential Champion, a chance to prove he can be that star again. Once this reign is through, if he remains popular with fans, it might be time to give him the Universal Championship, and that main event spotlight one final time.

He is a smart enough veteran to best someone like Roman Reigns, and has the madness inside to duke it out with someone like The Fiend, the two current top names on Smackdown Live. Do you think there is room for Jeff Hardy in the main event at this point, or is his current role as high as he will get in WWE at this point? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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