Is Lance Archer The Undisputed #1 Contender For The AEW World Championship?

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At All Out, one of the undercard matches was the annual Casino Battle Royale. Twenty-one men entered the ring, all for a chance at the AEW World Championship, and in the end, Lance Archer was the one left standing. This made sense, he was one of the favorites going into this match, and needed a big win after failing to become TNT Champion earlier this year. However, there might be someone who can dispute this victory, the last one eliminated actually.

Eddie Kingston Didn’t Go Over The Top Rope

The finish to the Battle Royale saw Lance Archer chokeslam Eddie Kingston to the ground, and while The Butcher & The Blade would try to catch him, both feet would touch the ground. Seems pretty cut and dry, Archer wins right? Not quite.

This was all preceded by a brawl on the apron, and Kingston got there by going through the middle rope. He didn’t go over the top rope, so while both his feet hit the floor? Kingston wasn’t properly eliminated. This might have simply been due to the craziness of a battle royale, them being out of position, but why wasn’t a perfectly good potential storyline?

A Good Excuse To Do Eddie Kingston vs. Lance Archer On Dynamite Soon

Kingston is not the type to let something like this go, especially with an AEW World Championship shot on the table. Lance Archer vs. Eddie Kingston could be a fantastic main event for a future episode of Dynamite, with both men wrestling a brawling style. Archer is always looking for a fight anyways, and if he beats Kingston to ensure he’s undisputed as a contender for Moxley.

Another route they could go is making the upcoming championship match a rare Triple Threat Match for AEW. All AEW Championship matches to this point have been simple one on one matches, and this could be a fun way to shake things up a bit for his next defense. It would be an incredible brawl, and a treat for fans.

Do you think Kingston has a case to say he didn’t lose in that battle royale, or is this a simple botch from an otherwise fine match? Would you want to see Lance Archer vs. Eddie Kingston vs. Jon Moxley? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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